Darkstation Predicts E3 2012: Sony Part 1

Darkstation Predicts E3 2012: Sony Part 1

Welcome to week two of our E3 2012 predictions where we will be glaring through our crystal balls in anticipation for E3 2012 happening June 5th – 7th, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA. This week we turn our attention to Sony who's still trying to make up ground in the console race while also needing to push heavily on their new handheld device. Will Sony have enough to win this years E3 or will this be an off year?

The Last Guardian Finally Proven to Actually Exist, by Hiram Mojica

It’s been FIVE YEARS since Team Ico’s The Last Guardian was announced. FIVE YEARS. In that time, we’ve seen so little I couldn’t even fill a thimble. This is one of the most anticipated games for the PS3, and the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection has probably done a lot to help that hype by getting people to play some of these games that they might have missed.

Because that’s the thing about Team Ico games- they always come out just late enough that you’ll probably miss them. It’s time for a release date. A new trailer. Actually gameplay. One of these things will happen (if not all 3), and it will happen AT the press conference (after what’s sure to be a FANTASTIC karaoke-style scream along of RIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAACER!!!!).

Sony Gets Exclusive Grand Theft Auto HD Collection, by Allen Kesinger

With the impending release of Grand Theft Auto V, Sony will announce that they have worked out a deal with Rockstar to publish a PlayStation 3 exclusive HD collection of Grand Theft Auto that will include up-rezzed versions of GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas as well as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories.

 Sony “Uhhhhhhhhh….Vita?” by Jake Stroth

Sony will need to announce a major title for the Vita from a traditional Sony franchise.  While Final Fantasy isn’t owned by Sony, they do have a long history together.  They desperately need something to sell the systems, so they will turn to one of the most popular gaming franchises.  Maybe they will even go all in and announce a remake of Final Fantasy 7 for the Vita.  That could be the piece of software that finally convinces many people to buy a Vita.  Considering that Persona 4 is getting a remake, it seems quite possible that FF7 could finally get one as well.

The PS3’s Last Killer Title, by Ashley Chittock

Naughty Dog were behind one of the defining series of the Playstation 3, the Uncharted series, and their new title The Last Of Us could be the last big hurrah for the console. With a scheduled 2012 release I’m predicting there will at least be plenty of gameplay footage, and maybe even a playable demo.

That's all she wrote for Part 1. Be sure to check back tomorrow 5/15 at Noon Pacific for the second part of our Sony predictions.

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