Darkstation Predicts E3 2012: Third Party Part 1

In the last three weeks we here at Darkstation have been doing our best predicting what is to come from E3 in 2012. Now we are only one week away from the big event and in our last week of predictions. Today we are going to be looking at the third parties and predicting what they will be showing off at E3.

EA Announces Dragon Age 3, by Jake Stroth

Following the amazing experience that was Mass Effect 3, Bioware and EA need to capitalize on their time in the spotlight.  Dragon Age 3 is an obvious choice as it is around time for that game to be announced.  I mean why not?  Bioware needs a new project, the last game ended with a massive cliff-hanger, and it comes from a very popular franchise.

This is not the Final Fantasy, by Alexander Cattell

Wouldn’t it be nice for Final Fantasy Versus XIII to finally be given a release date, after all these years of begging, giving up and eventually ignoring the constant silence from Square Enix about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, could it be over? Square will hopefully show plentiful gameplay, small snippets of story to entice us and may it actually be playable? Even if the game was to be pushed back further, it would give Final Fantasy fans something to look forward to.

However this shouldn’t be all, Final Fantasy XV might be announced as well. After the debacle that was Final Fantasy XIV Online, it would be nice to see Square re-invent the series, in more ways than they have, breathing new-found creativity into a what has been a slow decline in quality and originality.

Ubisoft Gives Michel Ancel His Due, by Adam Condra

Ubisoft will formally announce Rayman Origins 2, a port of Rayman Origins to iOS devices, and, most importantly: Beyond Good and Evil 2. Hey, against all odds, Origins was profitable, so why not?

Activision Goes Online with Call of Duty, by Allen Kesinger

Activision loves Call of Duty. With over seventeen games in the franchise (seventeen?! holy #$%&), the company shows no signs of stopping despite slightly lower sales and general apathy amongst certain gaming crowds. With the launch of Call of Duty Elite, Activision has expressed designs of monetizing Call of Duty outside the sale of games and map packs, lest Bobby Kotick be forced to wait two months before buying a solid gold toilet and a diamond studded bidet. The solution? Activision will show off a new, multiplayer focused Call of Duty game for consoles that will play like Counter-Strike, but with all the familiar Modern Warfare trappings (leveling, weapon unlocks, etc).

No More Half-Time, by Charlie Osterlund

This, is it. A new Half-Life game is underway and everybody knows it. Valve has continuously been avoiding the game’s inevitable announcement and I seriously doubt that they’re willing to screw everybody over with a new Left 4 Dead, Portal or Team Fortress game. We’ve waited almost five long years to don the orange-tinted suit of Gordon Freeman and rid the world of evil with our trusty crowbar -- Valve, don’t deny us this. Just announce the game already.

That's all she wrote for Part 1 of the Third Party predictions. Come back tomorrow 5/30 at Noon Pacific to find our final part of our predictions.

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