Darkstation's Game of the Year 2018

Darkstation's Game of the Year 2018

The rest of the awards have been given out. But the one that matters is left. The votes have been tallied, the discussions have been had and now we’re ready to announce the official Darkstation Game of the Year for 2018.


“Phenomenal game that not only sets a new standard for action adventure games, but also lays a solid foundation for future sequels.” - Jonathan Paris

“Drifting between excessive and restrained, God of War's pure spectacle is complemented well by its endearing character moments." - Mike Takahashi

“God of War, owing even more to its quiet moments than its exhilarating ones, stands as one of the most cohesive and affecting games of the entire generation.” - Brandyn Boyd

“A pure masterpiece. Sony Santa Monica took a character and a series that I had lost interest in and made one of the best games in the last decade.” - Joel Szerlip

"A sublime experience, masterfully crafted with both passion and love. One of the greatest and the most expressive games of the year, no doubt!” - CK

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