Darkstation's Game of the Year 2018 - Part 2

Yesterday we posted our picks for best Sports, RPG, Shooter, Action, Strategy, Platformer, and Racing game of 2018. Today we’re here with a couple more awards before tomorrow where we announce the official Darkstation Game of the Year. But before we get there our editors pick the best graphics, our most disappointing game, and our most anticipated game of 2019.

Best Graphics of 2018 - Red Dead Redemption 2

Runner-up’s: God of War

Most Surprising Game of 2018 - God of War

Runner-Ups: Celeste, Pokemon Let’s Go, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Most Disappointing Game of 2018 - Fallout 76

Runner-up’s: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Most Anticipated Game of 2019 - Devil May Cry 5

Runner-up’s: Kingdom Hearts III, Resident Evil 2

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