Darkstation's Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Edition

We couldn't be more excited to announce or first ever Holiday Gift Guide. It's the time of year where we all struggle to find ideas for what to give our friends, family, and loved ones. That's where we here at Darkstation are here to help. We've put together a comprehensive gift guide for everyone in your family. 

Gifts for Your Techy Friends: Xbox One Elite Controller

One of the biggest surprises in the last year has been the insane love and adoration for the Xbox One Elite Controller. Retailing nearly a $100 over the standard Xbox One controller, this highly customizable controller is sure to make the most savvy of tech enthusiasts gleeful this holiday. Plus if nothing else it's one less excuse your friend can use when you beat them in Madden this year. 

Amazon: $149.99

Gifts for Your Parents: Apple TV

First and foremost the gift of your presence as much as possible during the holidays. But if you already have that covered then an Apple TV might be the right purchase for you. Along with its full lineup of entertainment options there are a slew of light and easy games to play that make the Apple TV a solid gift idea for any parent this holiday. 

Apple: $149-$199

Gifts for Gamers on the Go: Nintendo New 3DS

Nintendo normally does some nice holiday promotions, and this year is no exception. With the coming of the Switch, promising both an in home and mobile experience, the New 3DS, branded with mascot Mario against a slick black case, is on sale at a great price. While the must haves for the Wii U have been few and far between this entire console cycle, the 3DS has been the breadwinner with its veritable smorgasbord of hits. If you know someone in the market for on the go entertainment, it’s hard to do better than point them to Nintendo’s flagship mobile device. 

Amazon: $199.99

Gifts for Gamers still hooked on Stranger Things’-era nostalgia: Virginia

Fans of the sometimes inscrutable director David Lynch have lined up behind Virginia, which takes the “walking simulator” genre into Twin Peaks-style strangeness. A murder mystery that poses more questions than it answers, Virginia has a unique art style and an incredible orchestral score. 

Steam: $9.99

Gifts for the Kiddos (Ages 5-13): LEGO Juniors Batman & Superman vs Lex Luthor

1st: Their Legos. If, as a parent or someone who knows parents, you aren’t looking to permanently scar yourself and possibly die in the middle of the night by a LEGO left in the middle of the floor, you just aren’t living. 2nd: The Caped Crusader and Big Blue Boyscout take on Superman’s most well known, and probably most dangerous, nemesis. Why are you still reading this? Go buy this now!

Amazon: Price Varies

Gifts for Couples: Pokemon Sun/Moon

The newest generation in the hugely Pokemon franchise brings with it a new island-themed setting and does away with the traditional gym battle formula to shake things up for the series. Between comparing pokedexes and options for trading and battling each other’s pokemon, this game would be perfect for any couple who likes casual gaming, whether they want to catch them all or simply be the best there ever was. 

Amazon: $39.99

Gifts for The Gamer With Everything: A Gift Card 

It can be considered a faux pas give someone a gift card, but as the oft-recipient of games I don’t want or already have, there’s really no more thoughtful of a present, than one that let’s the gamer decide what he or she wants to buy. Whether it’s to GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, or Steam, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift card.

Price Varies

Gifts for Someone Wanting to Get Back into Video Games: Doom

First-person shooters of the last several years have been stuck in a very predictable, by-the-numbers formula that have forced the majority of experiences to feel all too similar to one another.  DOOM breaks the mold by providing a gameplay style that truly feels like a united hybrid of the old and new.  The campaign is lengthy and a joy to play, whether you’re exploring the intricately-designed levels or engaging in bombastic action sequences.  In both design and execution, DOOM is a masterful first-person shooter.  Even the most apathetic gamer will find their love of video games rekindled after playing DOOM -- I know I did.

Amazon: $19.99

Gifts for the Virtual Reality Inclined: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

A little over a month ago we reviewed the Playstation VR and a slew of the launch games. The one that really stood out to us was Keeping Talking and Nobody Explodes. In short it's a party game where one person puts on the VR headset (in our case the Playstation VR) and the remaining people in your party pull out their phone or tablet to the manual to help you defuse a bomb that they themselves cannot see. It's a blast and one that shouldn't be missed this holiday for anyone with a VR headset. 

Steam: $14.99

Gifts for Your Friends Who Only Play Call of Duty: Overwatch

Overwatch is a great game for any first-person-shooter fan who wants to try something new but still enjoy the fast-paced, frantic gameplay that a Call of Duty game offers. Requiring both teamwork and individual skill, Overwatch can provide a new challenge for fans already dedicated to another franchise, but looks and plays different enough so that they won’t feel like they are betraying their beloved series. Who knows, it might even get them to open up a bit and try more new things. 

Amazon: $34.99

Gifts for Your Friends Spooked by Campfire Tales: Oxenfree

Oxenfree is not only a walking simulator, it’s a walking and talking simulator. Delivered with an excellent voice acting, the game gives the best impression yet of real people talking. Branching dialogue drives the narrative of this ghost tale, taking place in an abandoned military island where five friends have gathered for their annual trip. Play Oxenfree late at night with the volume up and you’ll get goosebumps by the 80’s inspired erratic soundtrack providing the aural frame for the unfolding subdued events. A playthrough won’t last long but you want to experience it again to see all the endings and what new dialogue choices will bring up.

iam8bit: $59.99

Gifts for New Parents: Turtle Beach - Stealth 420X+

Although I don't have kids myself I can easily reccomend the Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ to anyone trying to find a gift for new parents. The Stealth 420X+ are some of the most comfortable gaming headphones I've ever used. So if you're friend or family just welcomed a new bundle of joy into their homes help their gaming habits by allowing them to play their favorite games without disturbing the baby. 

Amazon: $99.99

Gifts for Your Friends Stuck in the 90's: NES Classic Edition

This recommendation is a completely dependent on whether or not you can even find one of these adorable mini Nintendos. But, if you can, it would be the perfect gift anyone whose love of video games never made it out of the 90s. With 30 games, including classics like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s Adventure, and Metroid, the NES Classic is an incredible value and is sure to something for everyone. Plus, there’s no fuss with cables as the NES Classic uses HDMI. No more RF adapters!

Amazon: $59.99


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