E3 2013: Grading the Press Conferences – EA

E3 is under way, and our editors took a few minutes to look back on the major press conferences that happened right before the doors opened at the LA Convention center. Today we are looking back at EA's conference and giving our grades.

From the start, I was fully expecting EA to spend most of their time talking about EA Sports and Battlefield 4. In the end, the games that got the most stage time were, well, EA Sports and Battlefield 4. However, the publisher did drop two big heavy hitters: Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront, two games I hve been wanting so very badly and based on the reaction for that people were beginning EA to bring back. Those two games alone have sold me on the idea of owning a next gen console. Oh, and Battlefield 4 looked pretty fun.

By: Allen Kessinger

Grade: B

I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but the Plants versus Zombies action game and Peggle 2 actually have me sort of interested.   I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Mirror’s Edge, but I’m definitely interested in seeing how the second one turns out.  Battlefield 4 and Titanfall both look like souped-up brown shooters from this generation.  I’ll take it, I guess.  The Dragon Age 3 trailer was generic dark fantasy and did nothing to get me interested in that series again.  Overall, not bad, but I really wish that I could have seen at least one more new IP.  We gamers desperately need those.

By John K

Grade: B-

Star Wars Battlefront!! It’s the game I’ve wanted for years as Battlefront 2 is one of my all time favorite games and a really unique form of Star Wars game. This announcement alone was enough to make me interested in EA. Need for Speed Rivals was also a highlight for me but other than those two I didn’t have a whole lot of investment here. With EA there’s obviously a lot of sports stuff which doesn’t really matter much to me as I really only play the 2K basketball series as far as sports games go. However, MIRROR’S EDGE 2!!! Finally after years in hiatus and ambiguity we get a confirmation that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in the works. I always thought the first game was super interesting and fun to play and I can’t wait to see another take on this potentially great franchise. And oh yeah Battlefield 4 continues to look really good. I still play a lot of Battlefield 3 and it’s easily my favorite online shooter and I can put trust in EA that Battlefield 4 will deliver exactly what I want which is more of that. However it’s no Battlefront!

By Jeremy Meyer

Grade: C+

Watching the EA press conference made a fact pretty clear in my head, I don't like where EA is going with many of their titles. I feel as though EA is far too iterative and doesn't think outside the box enough when it comes to many of their games. All of their sport titles are kind of the "expected" games of each year. You always know there will be a new Madden, FIFA, UFC, and so on. While games like NHL 14 have me excited I just don't see the point in showing off what we all already know. However, I will say that the announcements of a new Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2 had me legitimately excited. The latter of the two is EA doing something different and the former is just plain fun. I'm hesitant about Dragon Age: Inquisition as the original Dragon Age game is one of my all time favorites and the sequel did little to impress me. Here's hoping!

By Jon Fisco

Grade: B-

EA’s has definitely had a tough year with a ton of negativity around the state of the company. Watching this conference however, you couldn’t really tell. While no game seemed mind-blowing, almost everything they showed was exciting. Battlefield 4 was a big focus, and although I’m not a huge fan of the series, seeing that giant skyscraper collapse was a pretty amazing moment. Titanfall is another game that is an easy contender for game of show with its blend of multiplayer that looks like single player. We didn’t see a ton of Dragon Age Inquisition, and while I’m very skeptical of everything associated with this series, it at least looks like the game will look very nice on Frostbite 3. Garden Warfare looks totally ridiculous in a way I can get behind, so I’m interested to see more of that. Star Wars Battlefront 3 is no surprise, but I’m intrigued to see a mix of Star Wars and Battlefield nonetheless. Lastly is Mirror’s Edge 2, which was pretty predictable after all the leaks in the last few days. It’s still really early, but I’m glad to hear that it’s being rebooted as an open world parkour game. Overall, EA has a fairly decent conference. It’s definitely upsetting to not see many new IP like the EA of last generation, but what they showed were promising titles.

By Joseph Bustos

Grade: B-

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