E3 2013: Grading the Press Conferences – Nintendo

We have come to the end of E3, and last on our docket of press conferences to grade is Nintendo. Even though they didn't have an traditional E3 press conference, they still put on a Nintendo Direct. So here is what are editors thoughts of their online showing.

Probably a good decision by Nintendo to stay away from E3 this year.  The “crickets chirping” response to their announcements would have been a huge embarrassment.  I think that they really needed to show off a new flagship Zelda title.  They needed to show a reason to buy their system, which isn’t much cheaper than a new PS4.  More Mario Kart?  More Smash Brothers?  Yay.  Bayonetta 2?  Meh.  The new IP from Monolith Soft looks interesting, I guess.  For a console wrapping up its first year on the market, the lack of exciting titles that offer new experiences is continuing to make the Wii U a catastrophe.

By John K

Grade: D

Could anything possibly be more awkward then Iwata feigning emotion for the “spectatcular” lineup that was presented through their Nintendo Direct. Outside of that new Monolith game, and Platinum’s Wonderful 101 (which seems like a real breath of fresh air with it’s bright colors and interesting mechanics), I wanted to spend some time talking about all the non-sequel, new IPs that Nintendo is working on.

By Brian Tyler

Grade: I(in college, if you are missing a lot of assignments, or miss an important test, certain teachers choose to give out I’s, or Incompletes, rather than F’s, to allow you to make up the work. I’m feeling generous today.)

People have been saying it for years, all Nintendo has to say is "Here's our new Mario game, here's our new Zelda title, here's our new [Insert Icon Name Here] title. Thank you for coming." That might be oversimplifying it a bit but in the most basic sense Nintendo needs to show consumers that they care. Instead, this year's outing was an awkward and uninteresting mashup of games I couldn't care less about. I don't play Mario Kart anymore, Super Smash Bros needs a break and Bayonetta 2 should never be a big deal even if the first was a game I loved. I'm excited to see Monolith making something interesting and The Wonderful 101 continues to be a game that makes me think about owning a WiiU. Other than that my interest has shifted far away from Nintendo this year and I shudder to think what this holiday will look like for them.

By Jon Fisco

Grade: D

Nintendo has a pretty strong first party lineup this winter, but it really isn’t getting me all that excited based on this press conference. Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2 look fantastic, as expected from Platinum, but they were the really the only two exciting announcements. Super Mario 3D World looks great, but I can’t help but want something more exciting for 3D Mario, especially after the stellar Galaxy games. Mario Kart 8 is expected and will probably be great, but its really hard to be all that excited for another one. Monolith’s new game has giant robots, a big RPG open world, and a strong graphical look. It’s still a while off, but I definitely have my eye on it after the fantastic Xenoblade: Chronicles. The biggest disappointment was Retro working on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. While I’m sure the game will be fantastic, I can’t help but think Retro should be with Monolith and Platinum in really making platform defining games for the Wii U. I’m a big Smash Bros fan, so the two new games have me excited, even if it’s not as much as in years past. Like much of what else was shown, it was just far too predictable and known to get me all that excited.

By Joseph Bustos

Grade: C

That's all she wrote on grading the E3 press conferences. If you missed any of our write ups you can back and read them at our Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony grading pages. Also keep an eye next week as we reveal our Best Game of E3 2013.

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