E3 2016: PC Gaming Show Predictions

Can you believe that E3 is less then one week away? Leading up to the video game industry’s biggest event, we’ll be bringing you our predictions for each of the main press conferences. Today we're discussing the second ever PC Gaming Show who’s up second on Monday June 13, 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM EST.

A Virtual Press Conference by Allen Kesinger

Half-Life 3! Naw, just kidding. But I do think Valve will make an appearance and, like Sony, promote the hell out of the HTC Vive. I mean, they have to. Gabe Newell will show up and provide a slew of VR experiences, both first party (perhaps a virtual tour of his knife collection?) and third. I’m also expecting to see a new line of Steam machines that’ll be VR ready and friendly. Valve’s entry into VR will show the public that the company has an interest beyond DOTA tournaments and Team Fortress 2 items.

A New World by Hiram Mojica

Oh god that’s right, this thing. Uh… Well… It’s just so hard to really discuss what’s going to be in this because PC gaming is so broad. There isn’t about to be some kind of first-party heavyweight there. But there is one game I hope to see a little bit of screentime there - the juggernaut that’s so cool but also so impossibly difficult to show off in a video on a giant screen in a way that will be enjoyable. Yeah, that’s right: Civilization VI. I just want to see a better example of how some of the new systems work. Open that tech tree! Show how it changes based on your resources! I’ll upgrade my PC just to run that game, no problem! I just want a small, even 5 minute video of what’s going on and I’ll be happy.

Not too Commercial by Jonathan Miley

Oh man oh man oh man… I really hope this thing isn’t 3 hours long again. And I hope it doesn’t feel like a big AMD commercial.Other than that, I have no idea. Last year there were no big announcements or anything that added to the over E3 press conference experience. It’s kind of surprising the PC Show is back. I guess, what I really want is for the show to be more cohesive. Obviously VR will be there. Maybe that will be the glue holding it together. But I just don’t really care. I just want it to stick to its time slot.

One Love, One Battlefield by Jon Fisco

The PC Gaming Show folks acknowledged their problematic show last year and have promised a more focused show with “more exclusives and reveals”. With that said, I’m still not looking forward to this very much. Since it’s such a broad category I’ll go with three general predictions. First, there will be a lot of VR and that is where these “reveals” will take place. I couldn’t begin to guess what games they are but the odds and unknowns of the VR space will be here for sure. Second, I expect that this is where we’ll see some Battlefield 1 gameplay. I don’t know how bold of a prediction this is but it’s what I expect we’ll see. And finally, I predict that this will be the most “who cares” part of E3 2016.

A Serious Effort by John K.

This is where it gets interesting and totally unpredictable.  Last year’s show was an awkward affair, but they showed a lot of unique and interesting material that you couldn’t find on another platform.  I have yet to see a list of participants for the show, so the possibilities are endless.  Microsoft will almost certainly be one of them and they will probably show off another Xbox One port, or some kind of Xbox One-related functionality.  We’ll see a hardware sales pitch or too from AMD.  Obsidian Entertainment has become a big enough name that I would expect them to be showing at least one of the games that they have in development, like Armored Warfare or the game that I am especially interested in – Tyranny.  Devolver Digital is compiling an impressive list of games as a publisher.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them there, maybe to show off Serious Sam 4.  We can hope, right?  Civilization VI seems like it would be a perfect fit for this press conference too.  Maybe Sid Meier will make an appearance?

A Glimpse Into The Future, 2077 To Be Exact by Jordan Hurst

The words “PC” and “E3” do not go together. This conference needs some big reveal to make it something other than an also-ran on the marquee. While the obvious candidate is so obvious I don’t even need to name it, it’s not a requirement. PC gaming has the broadest selection of possibilities imaginable; we could get new titles from celebrated indie devs, or we could get a sequel to a decade-old cult classic. Or we could get a drain-circling waste of time punctuated by AMD commercials. My guess, though, assuming there will be something new? Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.

From Los Angeles to Miami by Grant Gardner

I admit it, I'm a console peasant. That being said, some fantastic developers like Blizzard, Square Enix, and Devolver Digital will be making announcements during the show, so I might just have to tune in this year. However, the PC Gaming Show conference will be the place to tune in for info on VR and its various iterations, so I'm sure that will be exciting. Also, I know Devolver said that Hotline Miami was done, but there's still some part of me that's keeping the lamp lit just in the off chance they grace us with a surprise Hotline Miami 3 announcement. A man can dream.

Video Card Commercial by Brian Tyler

If this show is anything even remotely entertaining after last year’s incredible snoozefest, I think that will be the biggest surprise of them all. Easily the most superfluous show of the whole shebang, I predict a modest showing of games followed by a good solid hour of GTX 1080 infomercials.

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