E3 2016: Sony Predictions

Can you believe that E3 is only a couple of days away? Leading up to the video game industry’s biggest event, we’ll be bringing you our predictions for each of the main press conferences. Today we're discussing the last press conference of the week, Sony. Their conference kicks of on Monday June 13, 5:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM EST.

Begging You to Care by Allen Kesinger

This is going to be Sony’s opportunity to really push VR, perhaps to the detriment of those who don’t want or can’t afford the new peripheral any time soon. We’re going to see them plead their case as to why PSVR deserves your money, so expect to see games, games, and more games. I’m thinking we’re going to see some big names attached to this, like Naughty Dog, EA, and Ubisoft, as the company hawks their wares with zeal.

Zeus's Grave by Hiram Mojica

I have no idea what’s going to happen at Sony this year. The last couple of years they haven’t really had first party games to show off - and with Uncharted 4 already out, they might be back in that same position. But I think this year is the year they unwisely bring back the dark horse franchise that no one wanted - that’s right, this is the year they try to bring God of War back! I know Santa Monica’s currently busy bringing back… Kinetica… And that David Jaffe is long gone, but this is a series that does desperately need new minds working on it, and I’d be curious to see what they do. There’s a ton more gods they can kill! Can’t wait for the epic showdown between Kratos and Zoroaster!

A Step Into 'Uncharted' Territory by Jonathan Miley

This year, for Sony, unlike Microsoft, it’s not about games. Well, it’s not about particular games, it’s about elevating the gaming experience. It’s about taking things to another level. It’s about, BOOM, kickin’ it up a notch. And they’re going to do that with two things: PSVR and the PS4 Neo (or PS4K or PS4.5 or whatever). So expect not only to see ALL the virtual reality games, but expect to behold the power of the new console upgrade with, I’m guessing, and comparison of what Horizon: Zero Dawn will look like on both versions of the console. Otherwise, I don’t think there will be any truly big hitters. There’s not going to be a Uncharted 4-level game… from Sony anyway.

Expect a Falling out by Jon Fisco

Sony needs to be really careful with this press release. I think we all can assume it’ll focus on Playstation VR and the PS4 Neo. They need to be careful with the VR to not overload people with a gameplay gimmick that is still not quite taking off with a lot of people. Don’t harp on the VR aspect, talk about it’s affordability, show off some cool games, and get on with it. On the Neo side, it’s all about proof. Show us how much better a game looks and runs than its PS4 predecessor. But this is where they need to be careful as well, alienating their audience that can’t afford the PS4 Neo at this time would be a huge mistake. I can already see the Fallout 4 demo running side by side with the original game chugging along and the Neo version gliding smoothly. By the way, how do you think Bethesda would feel about that?

What is Old is Old Again by John K.

Up until the Ratchet and Clank reboot, Sony’s exclusive lineup for the PS4 was utterly dismal.  They need to show off more of the exclusives that they teased last year, like The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn.  No Man’s Sky should get another demonstration, and I also expect them to show off David Cage’s latest game, Detroit: Become Human.  Could we see the next Sucker Punch game?  Maybe a Sly Cooper reboot for the PS4? Last year was the big new IP announcement conference, so I don’t expect any new IPs this year. VR will also make a big appearance, I am sure.  

A Lack of Sky by Jordan Hurst

Seeing as how its release is right around the corner, could this maybe be the E3 that doesn’t harp on about No Man’s Sky forever? I’m actually kind of worried that Sony showed too much of its hand last year. Excited as I am for Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, and the Final Fantasy VII remake, we’ve seen them and learned about them already. I’m interested to know what the rumoured PS4 hardware upgrade is, but it’s more for curiosity’s sake; I doubt It’ll convince me to buy the console anytime soon. Sony has a lot of material to work with, but the question is whether or not their resources are available to doing anything with it. Call me...whatever the inverse of cautiously optimistic is. Hopefully pessimistic?

A Lustful Affair by Grant Gardner

It's kind of a given that Sony will be lauding its VR headset this year but don't be too quick to count out their gaming lineup. As evidenced by last year's E3, Sony has a flair for the dramatic. Will we hear more about Kingdom Hearts 3? Or, more importantly, will we finally get a much needed release date for The Last Guardian? And remember that little game that was announced at the Sony Press Conference back in 2014 called ABZU? I'm betting that we'll see how that's been coming along. But honestly, all I really want from Sony this year is something to satiate my lust for TheLast Guardian info. It's been over ten years already! Oh, and lest we forget, Hideo Kojima recently formed a new studio and partnered with Sony. It's a long shot, but I think we might get a glimpse at his new project. I can't wait to see what he'll do with something that doesn't involve the words 'metal' or 'gear'.

Untitled by Brian Tyler

The conference opens on a black stage, where a single spotlight shines on David Cage’s body. He whispers “Emotion” as his body becomes pixelated, and he disappears ala Mike TV. His image, picked up by HD antennas to allow for the most emotion per pixel, shows up on the screens surrounding the stage. He clears his throat… and welcomes Hideo Kojima on to the stage. They turn the surrounding screens off then, and David Cage is lost forever. Emotion.  

A Taste for War with the Gods by Jonathan Paris

I'm not too sold what I believe Sony will show at this year's E3. There are just too many moving parts here. There will be VR...a lot of it. I'm not against VR at all. It's just a hard technology to showcase on stage as Sony found out the hard way during it's debut. The VR along with the PS Neo rumors (that will more than likely be confirmed) will take up the majority of the conference. If you're into that, then you're in for one hell of a time, but for me personally I would like to see more new IP's as well as a closer look into previously announced games like Detroit: Become Human. I predict the big "surprise" however will be Sony ending the show with a God of War 4 teaser trailer.

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