E3 2017: Bethesda Predictions

Each year our editors sit down and make wild and crazy predictions about what we expect to at all of the press conferences at E3 2017. Although most of our predictions are just flat out wrong, every once in a while we nail them. So sit back, enjoy a nice libation, and join our editors as we discuss our predictions for each of the big conferences this year. Today we're on our third entry into the feature with Bethesda, who's conference is up second on Sunday, June 11th. 

Bethesda Announces The Evil Within 2 (Just in time for Halloween)
Gregory Wright

It’s been AWHILE since The Evil Within (Psycho Break in Japan) released. 2014, in fact, and since then we’ve heard NOTHING from Tango Gameworks or Bethesda about the possibility of a sequel. Now, what do you think Shinji Makami and his team have been doing all this time?

Chances are excellent that the godfather of horror and his team have been working hard on a follow-up to their original IP for Bethesda ever since the first game released, taking what they learned from the first title and working to improve it even further. Let’s face it: with the engine, assets, and story in place (a story which is SET UP for a sequel, mind you), I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Bethesda come in and announce The Evil Within 2 for a Halloween release this year.

To add fuel to the fire, a (unconfirmed) leaked job description for “Psycho Break 2” has shown up on the internet that appears to be for an English Translator / QA position. A position that ends around Halloween, 2017. Hmmm...

A New Elder Scrolls is Announced
Jon Fisco

It’s time. Bethesda is continuing to lose favor with fans when they release games like Fallout 4 that, while incredible in some aspects, feel like rehashes of previous titles. For some reason, their iterations on The Elder Scrolls always feel like big steps forward and shifts in the foundation of their massive, open-world games. Sure, they’ll talk about Quake Champions and focus on its free-to-play aspect to get that money train rolling, but a big-time showing for a new Elder Scrolls title will excite Bethesda fans like no other title in their library can.

Allen Kesinger

We live in a time where DOOM, Bethesda’s unpredictable smash hit, has dazzled and charmed its way into the our dark, shriveled hearts. It’s “oh my god, this game plays SO GOOD” gameplay and a word of mouth campaign (as Bethesda did not send out review copies ahead of its release) made DOOM the must play game of 2016. When Bethesda takes the stage this June, I want to see them dim the lights and play a video in which Not Optimus Prime talks about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions before being slugged in the face by the Doom Marine. This scene will then be followed by Imps wailing and thrashing on air guitars.

That New Wolfenstein?
Hiram Mojica

I always forget that Bethesda went and got a big head recently and decided that they had the cache to put on their own E3 conference. So after hours of Elder Scrolls Online and whatever card game they have for phones that they’re trying to get people to play, they’ll finally actually announce the new Wolfenstein game that they teased last time (last time?) and show off the continuing adventures of BJ roughin’ up some Nazis, which is exactly what the world needs right now. I’m also thinking this might start an on-off alternating years thing between Doom games and Wolfenstein games. Though while we’re talking id games… might we see the return of Commander Keen!? ...probably not, but Wolfenstein’s basically a guarantee.

Bethesda Pursues More Remasters
Mike Takahashi

The rerelease of Skyrim demonstrated that people are still willing to purchase games that are only a few years old as long as you toss in a few minute bonuses.  This sales pitch is especially easy to make with games as expansive and engrossing as Skyrim, and I predict that Bethesda will see value in expanding further.  A remaster of Oblivion or Morrowind would hold appeal for similar reasons, particularly since the latter is considered by many to be the best in the Elder Scrolls series.  Mod support on consoles and some graphical touches could be all Bethesda needs to do to satisfy those itching for the good ol’ days of western fantasy RPGs.

And Now It’s Time for Something Brand New
Jonathan Miley

Normally I take a conservative approach with Bethseda and have been completely or most correct with my predictions of them. Not so this year, I’m going out on a limb. Bethesda has done a great job curating existing IPs in recent years. We got a fantastic new Wolfenstein, Fallout 4 was huge, Doom was a crazy surprise, Dishonored 2 was a better Deus Ex game than the actual Deus Ex game, and Prey finally returned to the land of the living. But there’s something missing. Everything in that list is a sequel or reboot. Bethesda needs to shake things up. I don’t expect something outside of their wheelhouse (first person shooters and RPGs) but I’d love to see a new IP. At some point all of the above established series were new and as good as the most recent entries were, eventually they’ll get stale. So yeah, Bethesda needs to announce something brand new this year.

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch Impresses
Michael Hoover

It's pretty clear that Skyrim is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. The clicky little console has seen tremendous success so far, which surely ought to please Bethesda. Pleasing to the extent that has them thinking, “Hm, maybe we can get sell Skyrim on Switch to people who already own the game…” That's where proper incentivizing comes in. I'm predicting a port that not only looks better than its last-gen iteration, but also has mod support. Limited mod support, even stricter than the PS4 version, but still… mod support! On the go! We’ll also be reminded that the current versions are “available now,” but the Switch port will be real star.

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