E3 2017: Nintendo Predictions

Each year our editors sit down and make wild and crazy predictions about what we expect to at all of the press conferences at E3 2017. Although most of our predictions are just flat out wrong, every once in a while we nail them. So sit back, enjoy a nice libation, and join our editors as we discuss our predictions for each of the big conferences this year. Today we're on our fifth and final entry into the feature with Nintendo, who's digital conference is on Tuesday, June 13th. 

Nintendo Announces a Virtual Console for the Switch
Michael Hoover

Nintendo has a rapidly growing install base for the Switch, but new releases haven't been able to keep up. That's where the Virtual Console comes to the rescue, with the added allure of playing those classic games on the go with the same system you hitch to your TV. We’ll then get confirmation on GameCube support, perhaps with some Super Mario Sunshine speckled in there. I also expect the announcement of a Joy-Con with a D-pad. Bonus points if it's SNES themed...

Samus Aran shows up on the Switch
Jon Fisco

It will honestly be insane of Nintendo doesn’t show something relating to a new Metroid game on the Switch. They have a new console that is surviving by Link alone at this point. They have the promise of new games that we know nothing about, like Super Mario: Odyssey, so why not add a new game we know nothing about? Hell, don’t even show any gameplay for a new Metroid title, just show a snippet of Samus’s armor and give us a date in December of 2018, that’ll be enough. 

Ports, Ports, Ports!
Hiram Mojica

In the less-than-a-month that the Switch has been out, it’s already sold about 20% of the lifetime sales of the WiiU, suggesting that this sytem is going to be opening the door to a new audience for games that came out on the WiiU which, of course, no one played. And that means one thing: pooooorts! Just like the PS4 and Xbox One were buoyed in their first years by some ports and rereleases, so too shall the Switch. It’s easiest to imagine Nintendo games like Pikmin 3 or Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze making the jump, but there are some eShop games that could have been brought over as well. It’ll be a good way to make the Switch look like it’s not a sinking ship with regards to releases, gives us all something to do between big releases, and let some lesser-played games get another chance to shine.

Switching Back to 2006
Mike Takahashi

The Switch really rubbed salt in the wounds of Wii U owners, as few as they may be.  Not only is the Switch receiving a ton of solid ports, but it seems to actively be taking games away from the Wii U.  At any rate, this is the chance for Nintendo to get past its failure and recapture its predecessor’s success – that is to say, the Wii’s.  Nintendo is heavily reliant on its first party titles, but then again, their titles are adored to the point that you can slap Mario or Link on anything and watch the money roll in.  In addition, the Switch embraces motion controls, in contrast to the bulky Wii U tablet.  I’m expecting Nintendo to double down with its focus on motion controlled party games that have Mario somewhere in the title.

More Puppets and Robot Chicken Stuff
Jonathan Miley

I predict that Nintendo will once again make some awesome videos where people are puppets or game characters are claymation and it will be hilarious and fantastic. And that will be my favorite part of their conference.

Nintendo Just Nails It
Brandyn Boyd

I suppose that this is less a prediction and more just blind hope - akin to saying that Half Life 3 will be announced.  Every single year, Nintendo fans carry this hope in their heart of hearts:  a hope that Nintendo will give them everything that they could have possibly wanted.  Every single year, those fans end up disappointed.  But maybe this is the year!  You get Pokemon Stars, a new Metroid game from Retro Studios, huge gameplay demonstrations for Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild’s winter DLC!  You get a decked-out Virtual Console that will carry your purchases across systems and a fully-functioning online infrastructure that doesn’t require a smartphone for basic operations!  Or - if the Switch’s reveal presentation is any indication - you get crushing sadness.  Here’s hoping that’s not the case.  

Animal Crossing Crossover Comes to the Nintendo Switch
Alex Mateo

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo’s big franchises. New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS sold very well, nearly 20 amiibo figurines surfaced within the last few years, and a mobile title is in the works. Nintendo loves its easygoing life simulator, but it surprisingly didn’t release a main entry for the Wii U. With the Nintendo Switch showing a lot of promise, it’s perfect timing to get one out for the new console/handheld hybrid. The portability would be perfect for a relaxed community-focused game like this, and it would simultaneously please fans desiring a new, proper console version. I predict the Switch version’s main draw will be the introduction of Nintendo-related crossover villagers and buildings. Imagine living in a village with Mushroom Houses and Hyrule Castles with townsfolk like Mario, Link, and Samus celebrating holidays with you. The regular animals will still be there, but the special characters will be randomly distributed in towns to spice things up. The full title would be: Animal Crossing Over.

Nintendo Switch Legacy Controllers
Brandon Brodsky

If you’ve followed gaming at all in the past few decades, you know that Nintendo loves releases peripherals. We had turbo controllers, light guns, Gameboy players, classic controllers, amiibo, and plenty more. With what seems to be a retro renaissance revolving around Nintendo, it only makes sense to release legacy controllers for the Nintendo Switch. This could be NES, SNES, Gamecube, or even the N64 controller. Consider the nature of the Nintendo Switch’s controller setup, these would most likely have to be plugged in through the USB port, or maybe they will release switch controllers that allow you to plug in adapters directly into the unit, that way you can use them on the go, too. This is a neat idea that I could see tons of people having fun with. Hopefully when they release the rumored virtual console market, this will come with it.

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