E3 2017: Sony Predictions

Each year our editors sit down and make wild and crazy predictions about what we expect to at all of the press conferences at E3 2017. Although most of our predictions are just flat out wrong, every once in a while we nail them. So sit back, enjoy a nice libation, and join our editors as we discuss our predictions for each of the big conferences this year. Today we're on our fourth entry into the feature with Sony, who's conference is last up on Monday, June 12th. 

A New Killzone is Shown
Jon Fisco

Guerrilla Games has been busy with the incredible Horizon: Zero Dawn. A surefire game of the year candidate for many gamers, it’s a testament to how a developer can get out of their comfort zone and build upon what other developers have popularized. However, Guerrilla Games is known for their Killzone franchise and I would not be surprised at all if the new installment of the popular first-person shooter made an appearance at this year’s E3. If it does, I expect little more than a brief trailer showing some cinematic cutscenes, but the hype will be real.

Star Wars VR is Coming
Allen Kesinger

Sony needs to do so much more for the PlayStation VR--a technology they invested so much time, money, and E3 conference space to let it turn into another Vita. Battlefront’s VR Mission was a boon for PSVR owners who could indulge their inner child by partaking in a completely immersive and arcade style Star Wars flight sim. To prove that they remain committed, Sony will announce a partnership with EA to create an all-VR focused Star Wars Ace Combat-like game that will let you pilot different ships and offer a “museum” mode that will let you walk inside larger vessels like the Millennium Falcon and an Imperial Star Destroyer. Wait a second. Is this a prediction feature or a wish list?

The Sequel to the Playstation 4 Pro Begins Being Mentioned
Hiram Mojica

By all accounts, it sounds like Scorpio is going to come by and eat the PS4 Pro’s lunch power-wise. And after the rather lackluster splash the Pro made when it came out, Sony is probably side-eyeing Microsoft right now and trying to figure out how quickly they can get something similar out that can compete in sheer numbers. We’ll start to hear them talk about it a little bit more, a Pro Plus or a Super Pro or something like that. They’ll set the stage for expectations, but I wouldn’t expect an actual physical system until at least next holiday - this would just be messaging to go “don’t just rush out for a Scorpio cuz WE’RE gonna kick it in the dirt when we’re done!” to try and keep their competitors down more than anything.

Pro Enhancement Showcasing
Michael Hoover

The PS4 Pro is not in as many homes as Sony would like. To change this, the company will double down on their habit of emphasizing how great your games will look and perform on the system. Expect to see multiplatform games like Destiny 2 have exclusive visual upgrades in a bid to win over Xbox One owners. And of course, the improvements on first party titles - such as God of War - will be extensively explained in order to convince standard PS4 owners to go for Pro.

Kratos ‘n Crash
Mike Takahashi

A reboot or reimagining is risky.  DMC Devil May Cry was crucified prior to its improved release, and the upcoming FF7: Remake has been panned from day one due to its shift to action-based combat.  With God of War (PS4), Playstation is presenting a familiar title with an unfamiliar style.   In fact, it hardly looks like God of War at all.  I predict that it will be shown off in greater detail and a release date will be provided.  Reception may be mixed, but luckily, Playstation has an existing and beloved IP to work with: Crash Bandicoot.

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy is a remaster of the first three games, and retains the same gameplay style and general aesthetic.  It’s a new coat of paint on an old game, and it has that allure of nostalgia to work with.  Releasing very soon after E3, it’s a nice palate cleanser for those disappointed with the wildly different Kratos, and I expect it to be propped up.

Doing What Spiders Can
Jonathan Miley

I am not the biggest Spider-Man fan but I am a huge fan of Insomniac and last year’s announcement for a PS4 Spider-Man game made me giddy. Also, that spider-suit looks amazing. I want to know everything about this game and, since they’ve been totally silent, I think E3 is a perfect opportunity to show it off. Besides, it’s time Sony showed Insomniac some love. And you know what, while we’re at it, we need a new superhero game from Sucker Punch.

Superhero games!

Activision Has a Large Presence
Brandyn Boyd

Sony is in bed with Activision.  Big time.  It’s hard to forget the shock of the company’s exodus - when they moved the Call of Duty franchise away from Microsoft’s stage and onto Sony’s.  In a way, it was indicative of a change in fortunes:  the success of the Xbox 360 versus the success of the PS4 now (not that the Xbox One has sold poorly by any stretch of the imagination - it’s all relative.)  Nevertheless, this is the state of things now, and Activision will surely be front and center for a good portion of Sony’s presentation.  Expect a gameplay demonstration for Call of Duty: WWII and and a gargantuan, blinding spotlight on Destiny 2.  Announcements of console-exclusive DLC and “Best on Playstation” monikers are inevitable.  More specifically, I anticipate at least brief mentions of both games’ PS4 Pro enhancements, to undercut the Project Scorpio announcement.

Final Fantasy VIII Remake
Alex Mateo

I’m aware we know little to nothing about Square-Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake for PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, in the tradition of announcing games in the far future, I predict Sony will announce a remake of Final Fantasy VIII for the future. I would’ve said PS4, but I highly doubt a game with this scope would be finished before the PS4 bows out. We won’t get a fancy trailer like we did for FFVII, but we will get screenshots of Squall in all of his HD glory. That should be enough to get everyone excited. With any hope, we’d get a beautiful Final Fantasy IX HD remake next.

New Naughty Dog IP?
Brandon Brodsky

Throughout the years, Naughty Dog has seemingly followed the formula of: great game, great sequels, new IP. The Playstation had Crash, the Playstation 2 had Jak and Daxter, and the Playstation 3 had Uncharted and The Last of Us. So far, Naughty Dog has extended those last two franchises into the life of the Playstation 4. While there is a sequel in production for The Last of Us, I can’t help but feel that we need a breath of fresh air. Perhaps they will conduct a survey asking for ideas, or maybe they will continue working with The Last of Us until the end of the console generation. Either way, a new IP would be nice, but it isn’t necessarily needed.

Cole Returns
Brian Tyler

How is it 2017 and we still haven’t heard anything about a new inFamous? Second Sun was the best selling game in the series, and while it was slightly inferior to its previous generation, it was still a damn good game showcasing some amazing super hero action. I think we finally hear what’s next on the horizon for the storied franchise, and they find a way to bring Cole back.

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