E3 Game of Show - 2013 Edition

The dust has finally settled over Los Angeles after the week long gaming conference E3 wrapped up late last week. Now that our editors have had the time to step back and pick our best of E3 2013. So sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy our picks for Game of Show for E3 2013.

Titanfall by Cory

As utterly atrocious as Microsoft’s E3 turned out to be, I couldn’t help but find myself excited to no end about Titanfall when it was shown. It reminded me a great deal of Hawken with the mech combat, then sprinkled in some infantry combat which will most likely be reminiscent of the Call of Duty franchise. Just about everything is hypotheticals though, we can only hope it captures the magic that Call of Duty 4 was able to, and who knows? Maybe usher in a new era of first person shooter, perhaps popularizing this certain style? The latter isn't necessarily important, I simply hope it turns out to be a fantastic shooter I can dive into on the PC. Knowing Respawn Entertainment’s previous track record as Infinity Ward I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility.

Fez 2 by Hiram

Look, guys, I know that absolutely nothing was said about the game except an announcement trailer that didn’t really show much, but dude, Fez 2 has to be the greatest announcement out of E3 (especially Phil Fish’s tweet of “Announcing a sequel at E3 like a proper indie dev.”) But even though that announcement didn’t actually show anything, it got me super excited and I started picking apart what they showed to try and imagine what it is that the next game might be about. What’s with the way the dot extended into a line? Is it playing on the idea of dimensions further? Can you actually add or take away dimensions, even down to just making the world a zeroth-dimension dot? Is there a clue in the way that the logo looks like planes folding in on themselves? This game ALREADY has me looking to see how it’ll further be talking about dimensions and quantum physics and I’ve just seen a 40 second clip that probably wasn’t even gameplay. If that’s not excitement, I don’t know what else is.

Titanfall / Dark Souls 2 by Alexander

I really want to say either Dark Souls 2 or Titanfall as my game of E3 2013. Dark Souls 2 is probably my most anticipated game to come and Titanfall just looked plain fun. However Bungie’s Destiny really struck a chord with me like nothing else at the show did. What seems to be a blend of Borderlands 2’s loot mechanics and multiplayer with Halo’s quality gunplay and storytelling, Destiny looks to be another sure hit for Bungie, one that could last for hundreds of hours if it is anything like it’s loot hunting, dungeon crawling inspirations. It is also the first game to get me truly excited for the next generation of consoles and what possibilities we will see beyond slightly better graphics thanks to it’s multiplayer connectivity where other players can seamlessly join or leave depending on your quest and/or location.

Fez 2 by Jon

 There were a great number of impressive games at this year's E3. Shooters, racing games, sport games, RPGs, strategy and so on. There was truly something for everyone and the next few years in gaming look to be fantastic. Since I can remember I've also had a special place in my heart for the indie games. Be it flash games back in the day or the wonderful titles that spoil us now, I truly enjoy my indies. That being said, it comes as no surprise that my game of show is Fez 2. I know the trailer showed no gameplay whatsoever and compared to a big budget title like Destiny or Titanfall, Fez 2 is a blip. But Fez stole my heart and Phil Fish's enthusiasm and passion bleeds into his creations, so I have no doubt that this game will win me over all over again. Plus, this means more music by Disasterpiece (I hope) and that's good for everybody.

Below by Nick

Below, from the independent superstars at CAPY games, blew me away. The teaser shown at Microsoft’s conference was enough to get my imagination going, but it wasn’t until CAPY explained the framework of Below at Horizon, the indie-focused conference, that I really knew I had to play it. Below doesn’t have a single word of dialogue, or text at all for that matter. The gameplay loop is entirely driven by players exploring the world. Seeing the player character is a tiny dot in the center of the screen, dwarfed by monoliths and fantastical architecture, I wanted nothing more than to pick up my controller and nudge the control stick towards the unknown wilderness.

That I gave The Walking Dead my easy GOTY nod last year should attest to the fact that I don’t despise the use of text or dialog in games as a general construct. However, I hate games that have wide open worlds to explore, but still hold your hand with quest markers and maps that come pre-completed. That’s why Dark Souls is one of my favorite games of the generation, and why I thought Dark Souls II would easily grab my best of E3 nomination, but seeing the team behind Sword and Sworcery dedicate themselves to a game like this was the best part of my E3 week.

Sunset Overdrive by John K.

There was one game that made me say immediately:  “Oooh, I want that.”  And that game was Sunset Overdrive.  Probably my favorite Playstation exclusive developer is coming out with their first new IP in seven years.  It has what looks like great art direction and, if what they showed off briefly is representative, it will have Insomniac’s typical kooky weapon selection.  Dammit, I want to play this game.  Unfortunately, it will be on the Xbox One, so there is no chance that I will be playing it in less than a few years.

The Division / Batman: Arkham Origins by Brian

I am going to cheat, because I have one pick with the most potential and then “Brian’s” pick.

Pick with the most potential - The Division. This looks excellent. I like the kind of post-super flu setting, and I think this is the culmination of all the work that went into things like Ghost Recon that didn’t quite pan out. Don’t let the Tom Clancy moniker fool you, it’s there to allow them to take some chances that you wouldn’t normally get with a brand new IP. I can’t wait to get some more information on it.

Brian’s honest pick - Batman: Arkham Origins. C’mon. Like I could have chosen anything else with a Batman game on the docket. I think Warner Montreal is saying all the right things, and the stuff they showed off has me genuinely excited for this. That said, there are still a few lingering questions. With this being a prequel, how are they going to explain things like the grapnel boost that was on display in Rev3 Demo? Does something happen with the double grapnel launcher that keeps him from using it in later games?

Thankfully, the voice work looks like it’s still on par with the last two, and while we have a new Batman and a new Joker (Troy Baker’s sounds amazing so far, featuring a youth and exuberance that Mark Hamill’s, while still the best, would be missing as a younger Mr. J) I think they are on the right track.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by Jonathan

If you’ve heard me talk for any length of time then you know there are basically three things I like more than anything else in this world: Mass Effect, The Witcher and Superman. Well, only one of those was discussed at E3. I’d love to give “Game of Show” to something that was newly announced but very little caught my eye. That’s not to say I’m not excited for the coming generation. When I look at E3, I’m incredibly hopeful for the future of video games.There are definitely some rocky things that will need to get worked out but I think the future is strong and nothing epitomizes what I like in video games more than what I saw in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The folks at CD Projekt Red look to not only be addressing everyone’s complaints with The Witcher 2 but enhancing everything they can on Wild Hunt. From a continually maturing knack for storytelling to beautiful graphics and updated combat system to a truly open world. And best of all, you don’t have to have a high powered PC to run the new game. Everyone will be able to experience the new Witcher and that is indeed a good thing.

And on the Superman front, I’ve seen Man of Steel three times as of this writing.

Star Wars: Battlefront by Allen

A lot of cool, fun and interesting things happened at this year’s E3, but there was one moment that stood out far above the rest. I know it’s crazy to get excited about a teaser trailer but knowing that Star Wars Battlefront exists and is getting made by DICE had me incredibly excite (as Joel can probably attest!). I really enjoyed the visceral FPS gameplay in Battlefield 3 and am very much looking forward to the same in Battlefield 4. Setting a Battlefront game in the Frostbite engine seemed like such a no brainer and now we’re getting it. We’re actually getting it! The days of pining over alpha footage is over! And DICE is working on it! How can I not be excited about that! With Frostbite, Hoth will never look as good! My sincere hope is that Battlefront will do well enough to earn its own Bad Company-style spin off. How awesome would that be?

Watch Dogs by Jeremy

While Watch Dogs was a game that debuted (and wonderfully) last year, it still manages to be the most impressive game at E3 this year which is impressive considering there were a lot of amazing next gen games shown. Watch Dogs continues to look like the greatest open world game ever made and is easily my most anticipated game since last year. This year they showed off some more of the hacking powers and hand to hand combat in an amazing police chase sequence. There are still some wonders left in the game like just how gamey will the powers be but so far everything looks extravagant and like a true next gen game. Ubisoft has made great open world games in the past but this is thirst GTA style game and it sure looks promising. Ill definitely be following this one closely.

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