Alexander's Top 5 Games of 2011

Alexander's Top 5 Games of 2011

At the end of every year I look back at the games that have come out and always think to myself, next years games can’t be better than this year’s. Now, looking back, I was wrong again. Some of this year’s games have been amazing and pushed the bar, while some have been sequels and have iterated and improved rather than revolutionized. I’ll be interested to see what comes out of next year and if they’ll prove me wrong again. Anyway, here are my games of the year.

5. Dirt 3

Never would I have thought that a racing game would be in my top games of the year. Dirt 3 was wildly entertaining and challenging over the short period that I played it. Driving in the snow, half blind, spinning out and still winning the race was hilarious and rewarding and I doubt that any other racing game will ever be as satisfying. The soundtrack was also a high point in the experience and I often listen to it when I play other games.

4. Battlefield 3

I’ve already put in around 30 hours into Battlefield 3’s multiplayer and I am still being surprised and amazed by the crazy things that happen at any given moment. While the single player wasn’t anything special, and the co-op was rather short, the multiplayer constantly thrills, and with more content to come this game will keep me and you going until the next one, or something better arrives.

3. Dark Souls

The thing that I loved the most about Dark Souls is that it felt like my adventure, whilst other games this year have been extremely open and given you choices, Dark Souls plonks you down on the outside of a castle and says go. You have to figure out the purely evil world of Dark Souls and the less you use outside information to guide you the more you will enjoy it, very refreshing.

2. Deus Ex Human Revolution

Everything about Deus Ex Human Revolution screams “this could happen” from the amazing and shocking trailers before the game released, to the last cutscenes, this world felt believably realized like almost no other game has before. There are a few blemishes, such as poor boss battles and inconsistent voice acting, but besides these, this game is close to flawless.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Over the last 17 years Bethesda Softworks have been refining their formula for role playing games and Skyrim is the latest and al,most certainly the best. Its entertaining to kill stuff, make stuff and experience the terrific storyline, but exploring the countryside and going for walks up mountains? Especially in a video game? Who thought that would be fun, I for one didn’t. I used to always fast travel everywhere, now I walk and run, taking in the beautiful snowy mountains and misty valleys of this patriotic land. Saying that, combat is more engaging than in anything else Bethesda has produced and the sheer quantity of quests will keep you going for a very long time.  You will be absorbed, and loose all interest in playing any other game, or maybe doing anything else.

Honorable Mention: Gears of War 3