Gaming for the Yellowhammer Fund

Gaming for the Yellowhammer Fund

Last year, I participated in a 24 hour gaming stream as part of Play 4 Planned Parenthood, a fundraising organization to raise funds to ensure that women’s reproductive rights and access to abortion resources were protected. You all stepped up in a huge way and together we raised just over $1200 for Planned Parenthood.

And now, I need you all again.

This month, Alabama pushed through a bill that would that would ban abortion services throughout the state. Doctors found performing abortions could face up to 99 years in prison, even in cases where pregnancies were caused by rape and incest. This is, quite frankly, outrageous and infuriating and advances the goal of squashing women’s rights to health care (abortion is health care!).

So I come to you, hat in hand, to help me raise money again. This time, for the Yellowhammer Fund, an organization in Alabama that provides resources on health care and abortion services (including transportation), which are still legal in the state’s three practicing abortion centers for the next six months unless successful legal battles can stop the countdown.

I invite all of you to come and hang out with me during my 24 hour stream, which begins at 9:00am PST on Saturday May 25, 2019 and continue through Sunday at 9:00am PST. Or longer! Who knows what is going to happen? Let’s have some fun together online! You’ll find the stream at I’m going to playing different games again and here Is the schedule in case there’s something you really want to watch!


9:00 am - DuckTales (Disney Afternoon Collection)

10:00 am - Space Harrier 2

11:00 am - Bow to Blood VR

1:00 pm - Red Dead Redemption Online

3:00 pm - ADR1FT

5:00 pm - A Plague Tale: Innocence

9:00 pm - Dark Souls 3


1:00 am - Castlevania Symphony of the Night

3:00 am - Rayman Legends

5:00 am - Burnout Paradise

7:00 am - Star Wars Battlefront II

Anything you can give can help! You can donate  by visiting my campaign page at Crowdrise. And just like last year, I’m throwing in some prizes that were generously donated by my brother, whose work you may be familiar with! This short video highlights all the prizes I’m giving away:

Winners don’t have to be present at the time of the drawings! If you’ve won, I will reach out to you via email to get your shipping details.

Thank you all so much for your attention and support in the fight to protect women’s rights. Together, we can all make a powerful difference.

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