Charles's Top 5 Games of 2015

Metal Gear Solid V, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Super Mario Maker. Its been a pretty big year for both known franchises as well as a few pleasant surprises such as Splatoon and Cities:Skylines. Its been one of the few years in recent memory where I wish I had more money to spend on games. My list might look slightly different, had I been able to play them all. The most notable one I missed out on so far is probably The Witcher 3. I didn't like the second one enough to warrant taking a chance on the third, and having heard nothing but good things I think I will have to give it a chance when I can.

Favorite game released before 2015, played in 2015: Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is a game I think I will still be playing many years from now yet. There is just something about this intrigue simulator that is terribly addicting. I'll think I will just play for a bit, then something happens, and I'll be darned if I can quit before I recover the family lands from my ruler's usurper brother. It's easily a game that suffers the "just one more turn" problem I'll start playing and before I know it, its one in the morning.

5. Cities: Skylines

I love a good city simulator. Alas they have been hard to come by lately. That is until Cities: Skyline shows up and was pretty much everything I was hoping for. Dealing with traffic problems, making sure your services extend to cover the entirety of your city, and watching it grow is just something I don't think I will ever tire of.

4. Splatoon

I'm not a very competitive guy. I don't even  particularly like multiplayer games. So Imagine my surprise when I find myself enjoying an online multplayer game. A shooter of sorts no less. The "Of sorts" refering to turf war, where the objective is cover the stage in more ink than your rival team. I have a lot of fun switching weapons to suit the stages, and it has seen a few updates since release adding a few more stages and weapon variety to the mix. It does have a few issues preventing me from putting it higher on this list, mostly the fact that the stages are locked down and don't change rotation for several hours.

3. Super Mario Maker

I think this is a game a lot of people wanted for a long time, even if they didn't know they wanted it. Mario sidescrollers just seem like the perfect fit for the do it yourself approach.  A nice variety of tools, and the ability to play other peoples levels give it near endless replay-ability.

2. Metal Gear Solid V:The Phantom Pain

I love crawling through the environments, scoping out the enemy outpost from afar and planning my attack. Then systematicly abducting every enemy soldier I can back to mother base. The fact that the outposts get more difficult based on your approaches just ups the fun factor.

1. Fallout 4

This was an easy one this year. At first I wasn't sure how I would like the changes. The improved shooting mechanics were nice, of course. I wasn't too sure though, how I'd feel about some of the more major changes. Skills have been apart of fallout since the first game. Having them replaced by perks took a little getting used to. Weapons don't deteriorate anymore, and I wasn't sure if I'd even give any time to the settlement building. Turns out once I got used to it, I like the new perk system fine. Building settlements is fun. Its always satisfactory getting something looking like you intended and then figuring out how to power everything. Not to mention its nice finally having a reason to hoard all that junk laying around.  The story is decent, but i have always found that as just a catalyst to get you out there exploring. I've never used companions in a fallout game, and now I find myself having trouble deciding who i want to bring along. I  think I put more time into this game in a week, than I have any other on this list all year.

Honorable mention: Batman Arkham Knight