Grading the Show E3 2016: EA

E3 is here and the press conferences have now all concluded. Now it’s time for us to give your our thoughts on each of the major shows starting with the second conference of the week, EA.

Theoretical Physics Is More Exciting by Allen

Where was the fun? Where was the joy? EA’s demeanor during their press conference in London felt more like an obligation to the E3 bonanza than a legitamate chance to get people excited about their line up. A motley collection of previews, teases, and sports, sports, sports, the EA show was as uninteresting as they come. I came for some Mass Effect and Star Wars news but didn’t substance of either. Titanfall 2 looks like it could be fun and besides Battlefield 1, had the most information to share. In the end though, it was hard to tell who was more bored: me, the audience, or EA.


Nothing New Here by Jonathan Miley


Based on their E3 conference, you would easily be forgiven for thinking that EA doesn’t actually make games despite being one of the biggest publishers in the industry. It doesn’t help the EA’s only new announcements were leaked before the show, that being both FIFA 17’s and Titanfall 2’s story modes. But even with that, those two piece of news were largely glossed over. But seriously, that’s the only new thing a multi-billion company has to share? Apparently, because what we got instead were more behind the scenes videos of Mass Effect and Star Wars. Both of these franchises are still obviously very far off. But Sony, who largely has nothing of note on the near horizon, wasn’t afraid to show those games that are farflung. EA? Apparently the most interesting things they’ve made during the last year was a lot of concept art.


Why Should We Care? By Jordan Hurst


This conference was literally everything wrong with E3. Maybe 20 minutes of content stretched out to over an hour with awkward, pointlessly grand dialogue, and a stream of cinematic trailers with absolutely no substance. I kept coming back to the question, “Why should we care?” Mass Effect: Andromeda is still a thing. Star Wars: Battlefront, the game that disappointed everyone, is getting a sequel. Visceral and Respawn are working on Star Wars games but currently have nothing to show for it. FIFA 17 has a story mode. Titanfall 2 has a single-player campaign. Why was any of this worth wasting an hour of everyone’s time to announce? And while I’m asking questions, what the hell does everyone see in Battlefield 1? Is the term “World War I” some kind of trigger phrase that prevents pattern recognition? Have we seen anything to suggest it won’t just be another bland shooter with tacked-on single-player and obnoxious business practices?


A rather disappointing showcase - Jonathan Paris


EA conference check all the boxes but didn’t do anything to stand out. Battlefield looks like Battlefield, Titanfall 2 actually looks really good but I’m sure that game is being sent to die since it's going up against Battlefield and CoD this fall. The most surprising part of the conference to me was the lack of Mass Effect information. The developer diary trailer was lackluster and I feel they should have done a Fallout 4 type of reveal for the game. Outside of that, EA showed off the usual suspects like FIFA and Madden. Overall EA played it incredibly safe and gave us a bland boring conference. 


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