Grading the Show E3 2016: Sony

E3 is here and the press conferences have now all concluded. Now it’s time for us to give your our thoughts on each of the major shows starting with the final conference of the week, Sony.

Sony At Its Best by Allen


I feel like this is the first time I’ve been “wowed” by a Sony conference. The pacing for the show seemed relentless as the folks behind the PlayStation 4 fired shot after shot without giving the audience a chance to breath. Unlike Microsoft, who bookended their conference with announcements for new hardware, Sony didn’t even bother addressing rumors and leaks regarding the PlayStation Neo and its teraflops. What we got was a collection of games, new and old, that looked fantastic to play. I wasn’t thrilled about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare at the start but after seeing its space battle, my interest was piqued. The existence of God of War had me enthralled because it looked so spectacularly different from the previous games, which is something the series sorely needed. And who could have ever predicted that Insomniac would get tapped for a Spider-Man game?! And Kojima’s incredible bizarre and compelling trailer for Death Stranding, and Resident Evil! There were so many interesting things to see and get excited about this year, making it one of the best shows - in my mind - the company has had in years.


2018: Year of the Playstation by Jonathan Miley


I can honestly say I’ve never been excited for a God of War. But I almost am now. And Death Stranding? I don’t know what that is, why Norman Reedus is crying or hold a baby but I’m glad it's being made. More exciting to me are Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and Spider-Man. They all look quite fantastic and I definitely look forward to playing them when they arrive...far in the future… therein lies my one problem with Sony’s conference: nothing is coming out this year. Sure there’s The Last Guardian and PSVR and there’s an argument to be made to give them space but Guardian has SUCH as storied past that I have to doubt it quality and VR as a whole is still an unproven field. So where does that leave us? Call of Duty and Skylanders? That’s not a particularly exciting horizon. Ask me again next year and that story will be very different. As for now, the future is absurdly bright but the present is filled with too much waiting.


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