Grading the Show E3 2017: Electronic Arts

As we do every year, today we're here with our thoughts on the E3 Press Conferences. Today we're grading the E3 press conference for Electronic Arts. They showed their full lineup of 2017 games and beyond. So what did our editors think of EA's showing? 

Middle of the Road
Teoman Taner

You know this conference was gonna be “interesting” when it starts with a band performance. Need I remind you that this is a video game conference? At the very least the presenters didn’t talk as much as they used to in previous EA outings. Most of the conference was just Madden/Fifa/E-sports begging. Also, Battlefield 1 will have new maps, no shit. To be honest, Need for Speed: Cartel seems really good and A Way Out is the game I never knew I needed. We got a little tease of the new game from Bioware. The conference ended with Battlefront 2 with the things that everyone expected: more maps, more heroes, more of everything.
P.S The Fifa 18 advertisement was the best part of the conference. Fight me.

Boring, But With Signs of Promise
Brandyn Boyd

It must be said that, on the whole, EA’s presentation this year was fairly lackluster, the main reason for which being that the company simply had very little to show.  EA spent most of its time rolling out presentations for its annual lineup of sports games, ending with a half-an-hour-long demonstration of Battlefront II’s multiplayer.  As nice as these games look, though, and however worthy their new gameplay additions may be, these segments were emblematic of the presentation’s underlying problem:  not enough.  Or, at the very least, not enough new.  Regardless of how good FIFA or Battlefront may turn out to be, it is not a stretch to say that these games essentially look exactly like how anyone who had even heard of the franchises in passing could have described them.  To be the biggest gaming event of the year, EA didn’t exactly have much fresh or exciting to show, with a smattering of notable exceptions:  Need for Speed: Payback looks like an exhilarating mix between Forza: Horizon and Burnout, discounting what appears to a hokey Fast and the Furious-styled story.  We also got a brief teaser trailer for Bioware’s new IP, Anthem, to be shown off further at Microsoft’s presser.  The real show-stealer, however, was easily A Way Out, a new co-op game from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, focused on narrative and split-screen cooperation. In conclusion, EA’s event this year might be an indication of what happens when there is too much focus.  We got the safe, softball announcements, resulting in little new or exciting, and far too many sports and Battlefront. 

Basketball Influencers
Brian Tyler

Go home, EA, you’re drunk. Or at least that’s how it felt sometimes. With an overall lackluster show, EA had few stand out moments, and more than a couple “WTH did I just watch?” cring inducers. There was no reason we had to spend even 3 minutes on EA Sports’ failed basketball franchise, NBA LIve, and even less reasons why we had to cut to the Lead Game Designer breaking down a slo-mo replay of basketball we didn’t see played fast. Two quick good things: A Way Out from the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and the Battlefront 2 presentation where they let actual players, mostly Twitch personalities, play their game, instead of having a pre-scripted sequence using fake, “headset conversations.”

Is it Over Yet?
Allen Kesinger

To be completely honest, the only reason I tune into the EA conferences to get my dose of Star Wars video game news. In that area, EA’s show didn't disappoint. After getting my hands on with Battlefront II, I'm really impressed with how unrecognizable it is from the first game. And free content a la Titanfall 2 always seems like a good idea. Also, A Way Out looked really cool! Unfortunately, the rest of the show wasn't that exciting. And I got the feeling that EA didn't seem all that excited to show their stuff. The whole atmosphere, with Twitch influences and YouTube personalities looking out of their element, seemed disingenuous and artificial. A bland, cringy and tasteless affair. 

Too Little, Too Much
Brandon Brodsky

EA’s 2017 E3 Press Conference really didn’t show us a whole lot about the upcoming games that they have to offer. Aside from a few titles, I felt that EA’s presentation this year was essentially pointless, aside from the massive amount of time dedicated to Star Wars Battlefront II. There really weren’t any big reveals, there weren’t many reasons to care about most of what they did show, and it ultimately was just a lackluster job on their part. So what did we get? A brand new Need for Speed game that seems fairly fun, A Way Out which is a brand new story-driven co-op game from the indie developers that created Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and a brief mention of a new Bioware IP without much information to show for it. Oh, and sports. The entire first half of the presentation was littered with an expansion for the already existing Battlefield 1 and their sports titles. For most viewers, I believe this is pretty disappointing. Thankfully, the other games mentioned above seemed pretty interesting, but not interesting enough to really keep anyone invested. On the topic of Star Wars Battlefront II, though, it looked incredible. It seems clearly improved from the first game and goes back to the roots of what made the original Battlefront titles so spectacular. Oh, and all of its future DLC will be free. One more note of mention that I wrote down was about EA’s new “Origin Access” program. They didn’t really go into detail with it, but the idea of free games sounds interesting. Let’s hope this isn’t just another paid streaming service, though, because we all know how that will turn out.

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