Joel's Top 5 Games of 2016

Unlike last year, I had a much harder time in 2016 to come up with my top five games of the year. I had no doubt on my favorite game of the year, but #2-#5 could have gone in a number of directions. It was a year where we saw tons of new hardware but the games didn't push the medium forward as much as I would have liked to have seen. Here's to hoping 2017 turns things around. 

Favorite Game Released Before 2016, Played in 2016: Red Dead Redemption

I almost never go back and replay games. I can count the number of games I've done this with on one hand. One of the rare exceptions happened this year when I replayed the entire 2010 classic, Red Dead Redemption. It was my favorite game of that year and now six years later it is still one of my favorite games of all time. 

5. Overcooked

One of the most overlooked (see what I did there) games of 2016 has to be Ghost Town Games, Overcooked. A cooking game with a twist. From the onset you find out that this isn't your mama's (see what I did again) cooking game but instead a riff on the popular genre. What makes Overcooked special is its brilliant cooperative play that has had my wife and I playing for hours on end. 

4. Watch Dogs 2

Although I loved Watch Dogs, I really wasn't blown away by Ubisoft's showing of Watch Dogs 2 at E3 2016. However, after getting early hands-on time with the game and later reviewing Watch Dogs 2 I fell in love with the cast of characters and the recreation of San Diego. In a year where open-world games weren't "as" common this was far and away my favorite of the year. 

3. FIFA 17

This one of the rare sports games that I've put on my top-five list because of a new engine. But EA's decision to move FIFA 17 to the Frostbite engine was nothing short of spectacular. Combine that with the new "The Journey" career mode and I  spent more time with FIFA 17 then any FIFA game in recent memory. I don't see my time stopping anytime soon either. 

2. NBA 2K17

Last year's entry in 2K Sports long-running basketball franchise didn't break my top-five. This year with an all-new career mode, my love for the franchise has been reinvigorated. I'm now on my second season of the career mode and after a devastating round one loss in the playoffs I'm on a vengeance to earn my title. 

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

This is one of those years where there is my first pick and all of the other games from the year. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is far and away the best game I played in all of 2016. Naughty Dog once again showed why they rule the world with their final entry into the Nathan Drake saga and it went out with a bang. I loved this one from start to finish and can't wait to go back and play this adventure again. 

Honorable Mention: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Firewatch, Mafia III, Madden NFL 17

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