Most Anticipated Games of 2013 – Part 2

In many ways 2013 is a bit of an unknown for the video game industry. Will new consoles be released? What games can we expect for those new platforms? Will the Wii U have a bounce back 2013? All of these questions still remain to be answered and yet there are still a ton of great games we do know about. So to get us excited for 2013 our editors sat down and discussed their most anticipated games of 2013.

Quadrilateral Cowboy by Kyle Minton

If I'm entirely honest to both Blendo Games and its captain Brendon Chung, Thirty Flights Of Loving left me baffled more often than it overwhelmed. The jump cut-heavy, frenetic pacing of Thirty Flights made for an unexpected acceleration through brilliantly told story telling in a most Pulp Fiction-like manner. It was an experience that required several doses before any effect truly settled in, but it's left me with a taste for whatever Blendo Games cooks up next. Thankfully, the independent studio's next recipe happens to include “Twentieth-century steampunk” in the form of Quadrilateral Cowboy—excitement isn't quite the right word, but it's the closest match to the sensation bubbling in my gut.

Grand Theft Auto V by Allen Kessinger

I am a complete and total sucker for Grand Theft Auto and every new game announcement is met with a salivating cry for screenshots, a list of activities and the identity of the virtual playground I would be allowed to shoot, rob and destroy stuff on a whim. I couldn’t have been more thrilled for the chance to explore a more modern version of Los Santos (GTA: San Andreas stands as my favorite game in the series) and to experience what GTA IV did for Liberty City. I love open world games but only Grand Theft Auto gives me that true feeling of doing whatever I want at the drop of a hat, whether it be conducting drive bys or taking a leisurely and law abiding stroll around town. I can’t wait to experience the sights and sounds of a financially torn Los Santos and the surrounding wilderness areas. Having seen what Rockstar has accomplished with video games since GTA IV, I expect nothing short of greatness from this one.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs by Charlie Osterlund

Despite being merely two years old, Amnesia: The Dark Descent still remains a modern classic within the horror genre. The indescribable level of tension, nerve-wracking atmosphere and heart-ache inducing monster encounters made Amnesia -- on tops of its solid, first-person puzzle/adventure gameplay -- a terrifying, utterly unforgettable experience. Cut to three years later, and A Machine for Pigs has all the potential to become yet another masterful horror opus. All courtesy of the fright-masters from Frictional games, who currently reside in the small town of Helsingborg in Sweden.

We are now half way through our Most Anticipated Games of 2013. However there are still some pretty amazing games to come.

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