NFL Blitz Interview

NFL Blitz Interview

It's the start of 2012 and the release calendar for January looks pretty bare. But EA is wondering if your ready for some football? No it's not Madden its the revival of the NFL Blitz Franchise and we had the opportunity to sit down with David Ross, Producer of the game to talk about this week's XBLA/PSN release. I can't believe it has taken this long to get a new NFL Blitz game. Lets check out what all the wait was for.

What are some of the big changes for this version of NFL Blitz in comparison to past outings for the franchise?

We’ve brought the classic, 7 vs.7, arcade version of NFL Blitz to this generation of HD Consoles.  While the focus of our development was on bringing the arcade gameplay to life, we have included a robust online feature set that is a significant departure from older versions of NFL Blitz.  We often noted that NFL Blitz is best enjoyed when playing against another human.  Therefore, with the online capabilities of today’s consoles, we provide several ways to compete with other online friends.

Were there areas in the game that you decided not to change in order to appease fans of the series?

Our primary focus was to recreate the fast-paced 7 vs. 7 game play associated with the original arcade version of the game.  Therefore, our gameplay is the hard hitting. Over the top, gameplay fans of the series will remember.  Our rules are the same as well.  For example: 30 yrds for a first down, guys catch on fire, pass interference and knocking guys down is encouraged, etc.). Also, Tim Kitzrow, the voice of NFL Blitz (and NBA Jam) is our Play by Play announcer.

How was the decision made to make this a downloadble title rather then a full retail experience?

Given heavy online focus, it was a natural fit to offer the game as a PSN or XBLA title.

What sort of online functionality is in the game?

Head to Head, Co-Op 2 vs. 2 on two or four consoles. Blitz Teams where you and another player can be a team and take on other local, regional or national teams, Elite League is a card collection feature that allows you to create a powerful fantasy team.  Take this team online and play against other elite teams.  Elite League also includes a risk and reward feature where winners of the online game can view their opponents card deck and take a card from them.

Is it tough to develop a game that has such a strong history and following like NFL Blitz?

No, it is not tough, it’s awesome.  We had a lot of fans of the original game working on the team and we were all focused on making a fantastic recreation of the original.

I'm sure you have put some serious hours into actually playing the game. Any favorite moments?

Every game brings something new.  Seeing the big hits, hearing the humorous commentary, beating up on your co-workers all combine to make for some memorable moments.  Whether it was in one-off pick-up and play sessions or during our team wide tournaments, just seeing people compete, yelling, and getting into the moment was always fun.

Are the controls similar to what fans will remember in previous titles?

Yes, we have the classic NFL Blitz controls as a default for the game.  We also included icon passing controls similar to what you would find in Madden NFL games as a controller choice.

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