Our First Skyrim Weekend Commences

Our First Skyrim Weekend Commences

After several weeks of preparation and waiting for this release, I finally got to venture through Skyrim this past weekend. I just have to say that this game can quite possibly win the game of the year prize. So with popcorn and snacks plus a 24 pack of soda by my side, I ventured into this world and never looked back. And so our story begins.... Oops, sorry, wrong series. Well, that was awkward. Anyway, here's a peek of some Skyrim.


A great thing to do is to quicksave as often as you can. I've been caught up in a fight and was unable to save it in time as Skyrim crashed to my desktop. Some items or dead bodies move around involuntarily when you search them, just search them again and they'll stay put.


Apparently, I can't be a home wrecker in Riverwood.


This was a badly timed fight against a dragon near the Western Watch Tower.

Happy Hunting/Casting/Stealing in Skyrim.