riposte: Are You Going Next-Gen?

Ever think to yourself, "I wonder what other video game enthusiasts think about these topics but don't have a lot of gaming friends to discuss them with"? Well Riposte, is just for you. Here we'll post our reactions to  the biggest news stories and events just for you. And you too. Today, we're talking about whether or not we're getting a eighth generation console.

 Joel Szerlip

Call me crazy but I love new stuff and I have a really hard time waiting for things. So unlike everyone else here at Darkstation, I will not only be purchasing the Playstation 4 but will also be picking up the Xbox One at launch. What will I be playing on the $1000 worth of consoles i’m purchasing? That’s a great question. I plan on picking up Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for PS4 and maybe Killzone: Shadow Fall. For the Xbox One I’ve always been fascinated by Ryse: Son of Rome since its initial E3 announcement a couple of years ago so I will be picking that up. But as to why I’m purchasing both consoles right now, I’m not sure sure. Just do me a favor and make sure you remind my wife that this is all for my job, I’d really appreciate it.


The easy answer? I’m getting a next gen console because its a shiny new gadget. Before Sony’s console reveal, I felt a growing malaise towards next gen gaming and thought about having no part in it. That changed when Mark Cerny took that stage. I’ve opted for the PlayStation 4 mostly for brand loyalty and the fact that I haven’t played the 360 in months. The Xbox One’s features, ambitious as they once were, didn’t really appeal to me. I realize this means I’ll be missing out on exclusives which is why I’m interested in upgrading my PC, to catch those games that fall outside of the PS4’s reach. I’ve been happy with the PlayStation experience this generation, though it went through a great deal of growing pains to get where it is today.

John K.

I’m getting a PS4 at launch so that I can play Watch Dogs.  Uhh, okay, so now what?  Infamous: Second Son is the next game that I absolutely have to have, but that isn’t coming until next year.  So, should I cancel my pre-order?  Nah, I’ll keep it, and I’ll play Knack.  Then, I’ll probably let the thing collect dust until Watch Dogs or the next Infamous comes out.  It might be a little bit of a waste, but it’s not going to get cheaper before then, so it won’t hurt me to go ahead and just get one now.  I’m going to hold off on getting an XBox One until the price drops to the point where the exclusives being held hostage on it are worth playing.  That probably won’t happen for at least three years, if ever.


In short- money. But in a longer look at things, well, what’s the point? The hard-hitting games we’re all looking forward to the most aren’t even coming out until next year (specifically Titanfall and Destiny), and until then, well, I have a Wii-U that now games coming out that I’d rather play instead. And frankly, I’m tired of getting a system at launch and then having a better, cheaper version that’s a bundle come out a year later. The PS3 AND 360 slim models both made me really upset- and this time, one of those re-releases shall be MINE! Also, it gives the free games library chances to grow, so then with a $50 investment, I have a system AND multiple games. It’s like letting the systems ripen…


I’ve never been a part of a console’s launch. I didn’t jumped into the sixth generation until the PS2 had been out for two years. I opted to get an console, an Xbox, because my family’s home PC was too old to play anything remotely modern. I still waited two years into the seventh generation because there were no games I HAD to have. That changed in 2007 with the release of Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect. Now, with the eighth generation upon us, I find myself filled with apathy. It dawned on me when I pre-ordered Splinter Cell Blacklist (a franchise that I have exclusively played on Xbox) on PC that there is nothing coming out for either console that I can’t get on PC. But most importantly, this fall I will finally get a PlayStation 3, so I have seven years of backlog to catch up on. As to which next-gen console will I get first? Well, let’s just say my PC is running Windows 8.1 and I really like it. So what do you think?


With a new baby having arrived a whole month ago, money is really the only reason I am not getting in at the beginning. The only console I ever had at launch was a PS2, and I was not involved at all in the video game scene, so the zeitgeist was lost on me. I am probably more excited to actually be apart of what’s going on, and getting the early reactions is going to help making the real decision around tax time a little easier (though to be honest, I know I am picking up a PS4. The only real question is whether or not to spend the money on an XBONE!). It’s an exciting time to be involved and around gaming though, and I can’t wait to see what great content this launch is going to generate for us. Here’s to the future!

Well, those are our thoughts on the matter. What do you think? Are you getting a next generation console? If so, which one? Tell us, in the comments below.

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