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Tales From The Old Republic - Jedi Killer Edition

Features, PCAllen
Tales From The Old Republic - Jedi Killer Edition

“This will be a day long remembered.” Welcome to another Tales of the Old Republic! We left off last week on Tatooine, with Reija on the hunt for a Padawan in order to prevent her from being used to reveal her master’s Republic spies. To do so, we’ve formulated a plan to track down and kill the Padawan’s Master in order to draw her out from hiding. After following her path through a Jedi ritual involving a sand creature (which I killed), I managed to locate Jedi Master Yonlach’s home, a small hut in the middle of the vast Dune Sea.

Confronting the Jedi and another Padawan, they once again attempted to sway me from my quest and threw out more of that “Let go of your hate” garbage. My hate makes me powerful and like hell was I going to let some elderly Jedi tell me what to do! The boss battle proved to be a bit of a challenge, since I had to face two Jedi opponents by myself as Yonlach disabled my companion.  I was able to exploit the game’s design a bit, as any enemies killed in story zones do not respawn, meaning I could kill the Padawan, allow myself to be killed by the Jedi, respawn, heal up and attack a single target in full force and without distraction. At the end of the fight, I forced Yonlach’s student to give up the name of the Padawan, Jaesa Willsaam, but any attempt to get more information was halted by Yonlach wiping his student’s memory.

In the final moments of his life, Yonlach revealed that he was mentally attuned to the Padawan and that killing him would force her to feel the full emotional impact of his death. With the idea of turning the girl to the Dark Side in mind, I happily killed the Jedi Master.

Back on the Fury, I checked in with Darth Baras who offered words of praise for my success. Armed with a name, Baras’ spies discovered that she was born on Alderaan, which would be my next stop in finding her. I wasn’t quite ready to leave Tatooine just yet, so I wandered out into the desert and came upon a camp of Mandalorians.

“Kandosii sa kar'ta, Vode an.”

Next to the Sith, Mandalorians are my favorite races in the Star Wars universe. Although their culture wasn’t thoroughly revealed and explored until the game “Star Wars: Republic Commando,” as a nomadic race of warriors, they are the most interesting and fascinating cultures in the franchise. In order to bring order to Tatooine, the Empire has planned to make connections with the Mandalorians in order to maintain control over smugglers, black markets and possible Republic incursions. Upon reaching the Mandalorian base, tensions have begun to brew. In order to satiate the warriors and earn their trust, I was tasked with clearing out a nearby facility occupied by Gamorrean mercenaries (the green, boar-like creatures that guarded Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi).

After mindlessly slaughtering some mercs and allowing the Empire to take the base to give the Mandalorians some breathing room, I participated in a quest designed to test the physical and mental strength of up and coming warriors that involved getting myself injected with a deadly poison that took fifteen minutes to kill. In order to survive, I had to venture deep into a Tusken Raider camp and locate the antidote. I had no problem with this task and cut through swaths of Sand People before reaching the chieftain's hut where I was attacked just as I was about to grab the cure. With the battle won and the poison removed, I headed back to the Mandalorian camp and was asked by one of the warriors to share the experience with a group of hopefuls, giving them the fighting spirit they needed to tackle the ritual themselves. O'ya!

I know it is too early to talk about new character races and classes, considering that there are so many to begin with, but I certainly hope we’ll get the ability to play as a Mandalorian in the future. Their culture is so fascinating and I would love to see it explored in greater detail and I bet BioWare could tell a great story.

Wanting to put Tatooine as far behind me as possible, I decided it was time to pay another visit to the Imperial Fleet to sell some goods, learn some new abilities and participate in a Flashpoint.

“Wipe them out. All of them.”

While walking the halls of the Vaiken Spacedock outside of Korriban, I was approached by a droid who had a message for me from the emperor himself, Darth Malgus, who requested my aid in dealing with a situation on a mining facility that has been taken over by those unfriendly to the Empire. Unless the facility is dealt with, the rebel forces will be armed with a means to fire whole asteroids at Imperial targets. Because it was a Flashpoint, this meant I had to find a group - something easier said than done because I was playing at a time when the area didn’t have much of an active gamer population. After some time, I teamed up with three other players and together we boarded a captured mining vessel and fought our way through Hammer Station, making quick work of droids and rebels.

Unlike the Black Talon Flashpoint, there wasn’t much to this dungeon in the way of significant decision making and means of altering the story. In fact, the only decision that the party can make is to choose whether or not you want to overload certain systems that, as a result, would kill innocent technicians. Our group decided to let them die and then confronted the leader of the rebels, engaging in a long and intense fight. I couldn’t help but feel let down and unsatisfied with the Flashpoint because it wasn’t nearly as engaging and deep as the Black Talon Flashpoint and I hope later ones will make up for it. Still eager for group interaction, I decided that now was the time to engage in a PvP Warzone.

I am hardly an expert when it comes to PvP, so I was understandably nervous. After sitting through a short queue, I was put into a 8 player group made up of Sith, Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents and together we were tasked in the first round with defending several access points within the Voidstar, a derelict Imperial ship that holds technology the Empire wants. The Voidstar is an Assault Warzone, split into rounds, which has both sides either defending or assaulting points on the map. In a way, this mode was a lot like Battlefield 3‘s Rush mode, because the attacking side had to place bomb on a door and prevent the defending team from disabling it. If the bomb goes off, a new area of the map opens up. The attacking team has to get through three areas in order to win the Warzone.

As expected, the PvP match was pretty hectic, with blaster fire, Force lightning and explosions filling up the screen which made the process of pinning down a single target quite difficult. I managed to hold my own, despite dying several times but hey, I took a few of them with me! Spending around 50 hours in the game served as exceptional practice for PvP, considering I had grown accustomed to know which powers work best in a one on one fight. Although my team failed the defense round, we steamrolled the other team during the attack phase giving our team enough points to win the match, granting me some PvP commendations and points in my Valor rank.

After the PvP game, I hung around my ship for awhile and chatted with my companions. Malavi Quinn, an Imperial officer who wanted to come with me after the success at Balmorra, related to me his tale of hunting down a spy. Turns out there was bad blood between Quinn and a higher ranking Imperial who, out of retaliation, kept Quinn on the backwater planet. Quinn seems to have uncovered information about the spy and is interested in seeking him out. On the other side of the ship, Vette - a young Twi’lek slave who helped me access a Sith tomb - was incredibly upset with me and wanted her shock collar removed. I should point out that I spent a good portion of the game shocking her incessantly and after she begged, I decided to remove the collar - something I instantly regretted. Yeah, I know. I’m terrible!

That’s going to be it for this week! I hope you enjoyed reading through my crazy adventures throughout galaxy and I’ll see you next week with more!

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