The Backlog: Far Cry 3

The Backlog returns for a second tale of games pulled off our long lists. With The Backlog we will bring you a new story each week about the game's we're playing that we should have played a long time ago. This week, we're talking about Far Cry 3. If you missed last week's Backlog about Wet, check it out here.

I very rarely go back to a game that I didn't enjoy the first time. There are so many good games that come out in a year, why waste time on one that doesn't grab your interest. However the dog days of summer have come, the new releases well drys up, and your left replaying old games. This summer I took the journey back to the island of misfit toys, well sort of, the island of Far Cry 3.

A little backstory. I never played the original Far Cry. I really enjoyed Far Cry 2 but never got around to beating it. I was pumped for Far Cry 3 originally but for some reason when I first played it in the holiday of 2012 it did not resonate. The setting was interesting but at the time I was a little tired of the open world formula coming off of Assassin's Creed 3.

A few weeks ago I jumped back in and started from scratch. Within a couple of camp infiltrations and radio tower climbs I was hooked. I'm not a fan of the story though. It takes some crazy turns that make absolutely no sense. The main character seemingly dies a couple of times, but the developers come up with some peculiar ways of making him come out of it. Only a couple of days ago I had hit the half way point of the game and laughed out loud at some of the story turns. Yes its pretty bad.

For me its the sub-game that I find so intriguing about Far Cry 3. Taking out enemy camps is where Far Cry 3 really shines. So far I have taken out half of the enemy camp sites and each one has played out a little different. On some I take the stealth approach and take out as many guards as I can without alerting anyone. Others I take out the rocket launcher to annihilate the heavies and gun down the rest. My favorite though is to burn the place down with the flamethrower. Similar to Far Cry 2, everything is flammable, and the game does a fantastic job of putting stuff in flames. Having the freedom of choice and breaking free of the tight reigns of the story missions is incredible. The mechanics of Far Cry 3 work so well that when left to your own imagination some truly remarkable sequences can ensue.

Now the question becomes is the summer dry enough for me to finish Far Cry 3. Like many true sandbox titles before it, (Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row) finishing these games is as much a mental hurdle as it is a time consuming one. On one hand I find the non-story missions to be the most intriguing parts of the game  because Far Cry 3 is a truly open world where you can explore anywhere without progressing the story. This makes it even more of an internal effort to push forward. On the other hand, with how much I have already invested I think in a couple of weeks time you will see me tweeting out in triumph that I have completed this oddity that is Far Cry 3 – a good game that's got one bizarre story.


And so goes the tale of another Backlog. Be sure to check back next week as we dive into The Witcher. But until then, what did you think of Far Cry 3?

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