The Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Part 2

Fire Emblem If (working title)

Eric Woods

The new Fire Emblem game from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems may not have an official title yet, but it’s already shown more than enough to get my blood pumping. Revealed in early January during a Nintendo Direct event, this handheld sequel promises more of the gorgeous graphics and smart, tactical gameplay that made Awakening (pictured above) a hit in 2013. Hopefully we’ll see Intelligent Systems build even further on the excellent character interaction systems that were introduced in Awakening, and add even more classes and battlefields to the mix. The brief trailer showed off an ominous stone giant doing battle with our heroes, which could be indicative of larger-scale battles and a new universe in which to do battle.

No Man’s Sky

Hiram Mojica

No Man’s Sky has already given me a lot of reasons to be worried about it, but you know, even if that game is just exploring in space with a one-of-a-kind ship and finding new life, new worlds, new beautiful vistas, in an infinitely expanding universe, then that’s already incredible. It’s an amazing thing they’ve done with that game, and the fact it just grows more is still more impressive. I just gotta hope it plays even halfway decently, and then I can lose myself to that game.

The Legend Of Zelda

Marcus Gonzalez

The Wii U is hitting it’s stride and the new Legend of Zelda looks to continue what we expect from Nintendo, which is excellence. Miyamoto and Aonuma showcased the new look and gameplay during The Game Awards 2014, and the new adventure is shaping up to be one of the most stunning the developer has ever created. Open world games are not new but the polish and attention to detail Nintendo puts in every game makes this game a no-brainer for me. From the dungeons to the forests, Hyrule has never looked better, and has me anticipating Link’s next epic quest.

Mighty No. 9

Martin Vives

Keiji Inafune’s brainchild, MegaMan, seems to have been all but lost to history as one of videogame's most iconic characters; and Capcom appears to have no plans to do anything with him other than his Smash appearances. As a longtime fan, this disappoints me. When I first heard of Beck, the protagonist to my most anticipated title for 2015, two years ago, I was stoked. Inafune got his people together, he got all the support he needed and more, and now all that’s left is to wait for April for what promises to be a fantastic blend of beloved platforming and a good chunk of what has made gaming in the past decade. I can’t wait!

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Jordan Hurst

The past few years have seen me grow increasingly cynical when it comes to future game releases, to the point where I now consider “hype” to be a commodity bought by publishers. But even I can’t wait to play Xenoblade Chronicles X. Monolith Soft has hit two JRPG home runs in a row (Baten Kaitos Origins and the original Xenoblade), and there’s no indication that this new title won’t follow suit. The original game was already a sublime refinement of JRPG combat supplemented with Western influences, giving it broad appeal without sacrificing depth. This pseudo-sequel seemingly plans to take the concept even further, placing its own spin on class systems and character customization, while also introducing transforming mechs used for both combat and exploration. The gorgeous open world and almost certainly deep narrative are icing on the cake.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Jonathan Miley

Could it be anything else? I mean really. Yes, there are plenty of other games coming out this year (like Just Cause 3), but 2015 revolves around May 19 for me. Why? First of all, there’s the fact that this is the sequel to one of my favorite games of the last generation. The Witcher 2 was an amazing blend of dark fantasy, tactical action combat and meaningful choices. And Wild Hunt looks to be improving on virtually everything, from the visuals, to the size and interconnectivity of the world, to the combat; everything is being overhauled and enhanced. Secondly, The Witcher 3 is going back to the roots, and I don’t mean The Witcher 1, I mean the books. Bringing in big characters like Yennefer, Ciri and the titular Wild Hunt is something I geek-out about almost daily. And Finally (and most importantly), CD Projekt has proven their skill and talent previously. They have delayed The Witcher twice but have done so in order make the game what it needs to be. And after 2014, more studios could stand to follow their example.

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