The Walking Dead Season 2 Predictions

It's been a long time since the end of Season 1 of The Walking Dead. After amazing critical success (including our very own 2012 GOTY pick) our editors decided to put their brains together and predict what to expect from the next season of The Walking Dead. WARNING: This post will contain a ton of Season 1 spoilers, if you have not played Season 1 you will want to stop reading now, otherwise enjoy our editors predictions.

The End of Clementines Story Arc - Brian Tyler

I’ve had three podcasts to say what I was going to say, so let this be the last word. I would prefer to never, ever see Clementine again, to let her enduring innocence remain in a world that is endlessly out to take it from her. But, seeing as that’s probably not a possibility, I would like to see her remain as an NPC, and outside the main narrative push of season 2.

Telltale is also going to have to find another way, outside of a child, to keep us invested in the story and equally terrified of our decisions. Going back to that well, especially using Clementine in that way again, would be wrong beyond words, and would be hit with a huge backlash. We see how the game is played now Telltale, time to change the pitch

Take Your Time Telltale - Jonathan Miley

For the most part, I don’t care what Telltale does with Season 2, I merely hope that we don’t have to play as Clementine. That’s the single thing that could ruin Season 2 for me. But I don’t think this will be reality for several reasons, the largest of which is Episode 5’s on-screen indication “Clementine will remember that.” For Clementine to remember she has to be a character other than the one the player controls. If the player is controlling Clementine and choosing her dialogue, then the player is remembering, not Clementine. The Walking Dead Season 1 is not about solving the zombie apocalypse. It’s not really even about forming Lee as a character. It’s not about how your choices impact the world; it’s about how your choices impact a little girl. Much like how choices in Mass Effect shape the galaxy, Lee’s choices in Season 1 shape who Clem is, or more importantly, will be. And if she is controlled by the player, all of that will be taken away.

I think we will see Clem in Season 2, but she will come late in the season, kind of like Omid and Christa did in Season 1. Why do I think that? Because I think Season 2 will start about halfway through Season 1 but set in a different location. Season 2 is not going to take place long after Season 1 because of the comic series in which the game is based on. In the comics, not much time has passed. Putting the events of Season 2 into the future could potentially cause large in congruencies with the comics. More likely, I think we will play as a new character with a new group that will eventually meet up with Clementine in Episode 3 or 4.

More than anything, I want TellTale to take some time off before venturing into Season 2 and refine the gameplay and graphics so that they don’t have so much work to do between each episode. It’s no secret that Season 1 has had some issues, some of them major, and I would like Telltale to take a breather to iron out the bugs. Also, I hope that they take a step back to look at the world and work out the story beats, really nail everything down, so that when Season 2 comes out in a year or more, it’s something phenomenal.

A New Group - Alexander Cattell

While I thoroughly enjoyed the story between Lee and Clem, I am hoping that we will be a part of a completely new group, a different group structure and  eventually meet up with Clementine at some point with her in a new group, or even on her own surviving the best she can. All I really hope for is that we will not be in control of her, she is a much more powerful supporting character than as a player character. I also do not want a similar relationship between Clem and a new character. I have a feeling she will be caring to who ever she survives with but won’t be as close as she was with Lee.

After the events of Episode 5 of Season 1, depending on what you told Omid and Christa to do, they may be in the first episode of the next season and that will be it. I can’t see any other characters returning, mainly because most are dead. The only ones I have a feeling might make a return would be the cancer patients as an antagonist for the series.

Clem All Grown Up - Mikhail Popov

I think when we see Clem again in Season 2 she will have grown up a bit. Personally, I’d love to see her be like a teen Molly in terms of dexterity/agility and attitude. It would make for an interesting structure if we played as her and mentored someone and then play as that someone in season 3...and so on and so forth.

I’ve said this on the podcast but I don’t see the two figures in the distance being zombies. In episode 5 it’s established that zombies can’t see but rely on smell, and Clementine is so far away from the two figures that no amount of wind would carry her smell to them. So they had to have stopped because they saw her, which means they must be humans. I hope they’re Christa and Omid but I bet Telltale will make Clementine deal with two strangers.

That said, I can also see season 2 starting with the player controlling one of the two figures in the distance and then coming across Clem. Man, I guess my final prediction is that there are so many cool things Telltale can do that nobody will be expecting.

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