To Sagittarius A* And Beyond!

We're debuting a new video feature here at Darkstation that will take you, the viewer, on a journey to the center of the galaxy - all from the comfort of your own home! To be specific, I'll be playing Elite: Dangerous and making the long and potentially dangerous trip to the supermassive black hole found at Sagittarius A* which, as it happens, is situated in the center of the in-game playable map. Elite: Dangerous is built on a massive scale, where exploration and long distance smuggling could easily take days and weeks to finish. A trip to Sagittarius A* could very well take even longer. And what better way to experience the journey than to document it on Twitch! The adventure starts with Episode 0 - think of it as a pilot - as we start the trip and take care of a few odds and technical ends.

And here's Episode 1!

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Ideally, this will be a weekly feature but I have a feeling I'll get antsy and want to play as much as I can! You'll get all the updates here but if you want to see the footage live, please favorite Darkstation's

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