For Honor: Marching Fire Preview

For Honor: Marching Fire will be the next content update for Ubisoft’s fighting action game. The expansion will add the PVP mode titled Breach, four warriors of the Wu Lin faction from China, and the newly unveiled PVE mode, Arcade. I recently had the opportunity to try out the new Arcade mode at an Ubisoft event.

In Arcade mode, you play through a full “quest,” consisting of several chapters each. The demo I played had five tiers of quests, with the first Common Quest featuring easier opponents and four chapters and the higher-level Epic Quest hosting six difficult chapters. In each quest, the goal is to conquer successive fights for loot. You are free to use your any of your characters, who share the same progression as in multiplayer mode.

There’s a catch to Arcade mode. Each chapter randomly assigns modifiers to your character and opponents. They can be positive or negative. For instance, you may have the passive ability to regenerate health over time or receive a boost in damage output. Alternatively, you may start the match bleeding to death or otherwise severely weakened. The mixed assortment of buffs and debuffs applies to your opponents as well, and you may find yourself significantly overpowered or impaired in extreme cases. Higher tiers had more modifiers, which incentivized the need to effectively adapt to any setting. Arcade mode’s unpredictable nature delivers an interesting means to test skills and keep single-players occupied.

Arcade mode is just one part of the Marching Fire update, but looks to be a refreshing PVE diversion in this multiplayer-heavy game. Along with the new characters and 4v4 mode, For Honor: Marching Fire is poised to be a significant content update for fans when Ubisoft releases it on October 16.

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