Preview: Over 9000 Zombies!

Preview: Over 9000 Zombies!

I was recently granted the opportunity to play Over 9000 Zombies!, which entered Steam Early Access on July 2nd. It has a retro feel it to it similar to that of Smash TV (just not nearly as difficult) and has plenty to offer. With 23 unique weapons available, you won't get bored slaying the undead. The game supports 2D graphics but incorporates shadows and an impressive simulation of a day and night cycle. It is cool to see a game that looks straight out of the 1990s and, at the same time, posses some of the newer things we gamers look for in our hobby like stat tracking and leaderboards to compare with players all across the world. The coolest feature included is co-op and although I didn’t get to experience this first hand, the single player had me craving the ability to carve up zombies with a buddy.

Over 9000 Zombies! was fun from the start. You are dropped in what seems to be a destroyed town that, as the title indicates, is overrun with zombies. I quickly discovered that the best thing to do in order to survive is construct a base. As you kill zombies, they have a tendency to drop items ranging from grenades, health kits, metal scraps or even weapons. It may seem like weapon drops are the best items to drop, however as I learned from my mistakes, I realized the metal scraps are what I wanted most. These scraps allow you to create small bricks that can be used to create walls accompanied by a few turrets. I used inexpensive low end model turrets because I was looking to survive, not thrive. I discovered that the game limits you to only placing six turrets at a time, which I was OK with. Even at five turrets I found myself feeling very protected. The sixth was a grenade-launching turret and a little bit of an overkill. I wound up dying trying to get more scraps to expand my wall.  Then the game crashed.

I kind of expect crashes or bugs given the game's pre-release state. What I experienced seemed like a pretty polished game aside from the actual crashes. There was nothing in game that seemed out of place. The game crashing wasn’t even a big deal to me aside from losing progress. Normally when you die, you can restart the game and retain the weapons found in the previous game. The crash made me lose everything. Still, this was an easy thing to bypass through frequent saving.

After enough strategy and careful planning, I quickly found myself in a seemingly impenetrable fort of destruction. With turrets lined up and all the zombie spawning blocks in my base filled with bricks, I am free to comfortably type up this preview as I play. I know that without defenses, I would never survive this far. Trying to run around the town and avoid zombies is fun and easy the first few days but it becomes overwhelming pretty quickly.  This style of game may not be fun for everyone. I honestly don’t even have to actively pay attention to the game given my very low chance of death. However, I do enjoy it. It is cool to see how my planning and running around rewards me. Also at any time you could opt to abandon what you've built and move to another location. I wish I had been able to play with one of my friends because I can only imagine what we could have accomplished together.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this game. It was a lot of fun and easy to get the hang of. The upgraded weapons and increase in the difficulty was a good balance. The exploration and self-sustaining base’s were awesome. Anyone can purchase early access on Steam for $7.99 be aware it is only playable on Windows. The developer has stated he is working on a port for Mac, so be on the lookout for that as well.