Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky Preview

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky Preview

Ubisoft is releasing two new operators and a reworked map for the team-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege as part of the latest content update Operation Grim Sky. I recently got a chance to try out the new offerings in a handful of 5v5 team matches pitting attackers versus defenders.

The first new operator is a defender named Clash, an officer from England. She is a defender in the truest sense, wielding a gigantic shield that completely covers her front side. Clash moves slowly but is invulnerable as long as her shield stays intact. Since the shield is her primary weapon, she won’t necessarily be getting many kills. Then again, she also wields a taser that can shock opponents at a reasonable range, and can still wield secondary weapons. I felt very safe when controlling her, being able to protect my teammates. In some of my matches, Clash was the last defender left, and yet her foes had a tough time getting past her. She is vulnerable to melee strikes, which temporarily leaves a small opening, and of course, the shield doesn’t cover her back. Regardless, she’s a valuable addition for any defending team.

On the attack side is the new operator Maverick, a man who went MIA and reportedly saw things nobody could imagine. Now, he sees things in a different light, quite literally, thanks to this blowtorch. An effective hard breacher, Maverick can use this handy tool to make holes into just about any wall or door, even reinforced ones. He can’t burn through some surfaces like brick, though. His blowtorch is relatively quiet, which makes him excellent for intel and sneak kills. It was impressive whenever a Maverick user could burn a tiny hole, peek into a room, and get a surprise shot in. His blowtorch is easy to handle, and you could theoretically make some hardcore fire graffiti in any shape you wish. However, you likely won’t be creating new passageways with your small tool. That doesn’t impair his ability to make murder holes. Indeed, just as Clash was occasionally the last line of defense, Maverick could potentially end some matches instantly by getting a leg up on his foes. It’s worth noting that Clash has a three-star rating for defense and a one-star rating for speed, whereas Maverick has the opposite stats, making these two all-stars in their respective fields.

I played every match on Hereford Base, which is a rework of the existing map of the same name. Although veterans may find some familiar elements, the new layout, revamped color palettes, and rebalanced sections effectively lend it a “new stage” vibe. In addition to a new set of interior stairs, the rooms and overall map are bigger, allowing better mobility and stealth for teams, especially between floors. The redesign looks nice, and along with solid rain effects, the map has a new identity while still retaining the soul of the original version.

The new operators fit in very well with the existing ones, and it was a blast playing on the new Hereford Base. Rainbow Six Siege players won’t have to wait long to try out these new features when Operation Grim Sky begins.

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