The Crew 2 Demolition Derby Update Preview

Ubisoft’s free December update for its open-world racing game The Crew 2 is finally adding a long awaited PvP mode as well as a new discipline, Demolition Derby. I had the opportunity to smash cars and race against others at a Ubisoft event.

First, here’s what is included in the December update. In addition to the PvP and Demolition Derby, there will be eight challenges in two iconic spots. There will also be 14 new vehicles, five of which are destructible cars specialized for use in the derby. Twenty new activities will be available, including additional Drift, Alpha Grand Prix, and Rally Cross events, as well as a daily selection of activities called Live Contracts that are random and different for each player. Some fine-tuned support rounds out the update, such as improved AI and handling, ongoing debug and polish, and new illumination.

PvP mode allows up to eight players to compete online in two playlists that incorporate the game’s multiple disciplines. The race playlist highlights Street Racing and Hypercar (long-distance route). As collisions were turned off by default, I could see transparent images of the other cars but could not bump into any of my competitors. The races ran smoothly with a group of eight, though with without collisions, each race was essentially a competitive time trial. The fun came with the company. Hilarious moments where everyone was following the pole position player only to discover he was going the wrong way the entire time were enjoyable, though likely won’t happen with a crew of experienced drivers.

I saved all of my desires to crush the other cars for the Demolition Derby, which dominated the entire second playlist. As the name suggests, the point of the game is to ram and destroy opposing cars while avoiding being crushed yourself. You get points as you smash off car parts, but lose a bunch when you die, either from opponents or environmental hazards. The crush or be crushed mentality results in absolute chaos. Needless to say, as someone who had issues with handling the cars in race settings, I had a lot of fun rushing around with seven other victims in the wider but more compact areas in the special arenas at the Bonneville Salt Flats. There’s a visceral nature that’s only present when you have the option to collide into another vehicle. And it’s hilarious witnessing everyone’s cars deteriorate as parts fly off, at times exposing the interior. Random bonus awards occasionally appeared as tangible collectibles to offer free points or car repairs. Although I wasn’t a fan of the freebie points, these rewards convinced everyone to convene in one spot, leading to good old demolition.

Of the four locations I played in Demolition Derby, three of them were large arenas. One had platforms and bumpers rising and rotating to mess up players, and another featured boost ramps. My favorite, and most frustrating, area had a large pool of water surrounding the track, and you better believe it was hilarious accidentally falling off or pushing others into the deep. Interestingly enough, one area was set up so that players actually had to race each other on a figure eight track. Despite not being a pure demolition competition, crashing and smashing was still ever-present. I, for one, was always trying to eliminate the car in front of me. And the central intersection of the figure eight track was a constant disaster waiting to happen. Demolition Derby may not be for everyone, but it’s a fun and chaotic way to test out the PvP. Note that once the update goes live, one playlist will focus on racing, while the second playlist, consisting of mixed thematic sets of most of the game’s disciplines, will rotate daily.

I closed off by playing through three of the new activities: Alpha Grand Prix in Florida, the Central Valley Endurfix Rally Cross event, and a Drift event in Upper East Side Manhattan. Players who have exhausted the rest of the game will appreciate having more of the content that defined the base game. Anyone with The Crew 2 will be able to experience all the new content, from the much-needed PvP mode to the exciting Demolition Derby discipline, once the free update launches on December 5.

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