2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa


You would not be mistaken if you thought you just saw EA release a soccer game, in fact it was only around six months ago that Electronic Arts released FIFA Soccer 10 to raving reviews. However this year is a special year for soccer fans as we get the biggest tournament for the sport coming up and that is the World Cup. With that coming around the corner EA decided to put out another soccer experience this one focusing on the namesake, the World Cup. So is this just a blatant steal from FIFA Soccer 10 or does EA come out with two great soccer titles within months of each other? Read our full review to find out!


So lets get the similarities between the two versions of the game (FIFA Soccer 10 & 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa) out of the way right away. First off the gameplay between the two games is almost identical. So if you have been putting a lot of hours into FIFA Soccer 10 then your going to feel right at home with this game. I did not experience any major differences to the actual functionality of the experience. With that being said FIFA Soccer 10 was an amazing soccer game, the best of the series so far, so that is not a bad thing at all. The gameplay is fluid, it reacts as you would expect, and offers up enough of a challenge for seasoned veterans to keep everyone interested.

There are some things that EA did do to separate this title from FIFA Soccer 10. The first thing you will notice right away is that the feel of the World Cup is thrown at you every chance the game gets. From the opening menu to in game gameplay there is no doubt that this game is focusing on the big dance. That’s actually one of the best things about the game actually because many times in sports games in general the atmosphere of the big games don’t match that in real life but that cannot be said about 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. You really feel while playing through this game the strong desire to win the World Cup and just the magnitude of doing just that.

So you have a few different ways to go through the World Cup. You can pick one of the international teams and take them through the tournament playing all the games. You can also Captain a team by taking one individual either from FIFA 10 or create your own player and captain a team to victory. And finally you can start at the very low level of qualifying and make your way to the championship game that way as well. There is actually a lot of depth to the experience and as mentioned earlier the game does a really solid job of making you want to get through some of the early rounds to win the cup.

It’s really hard to find things to complain about in terms of gameplay. The only real issue I had was that FIFA Soccer 10 came out only six months ago and really this is the same game with a different focus on the sport.


Visually is where I believe 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa really separates itself from FIFA Soccer 10. The reason being the visuals within this title really have a sense of purpose and direction that a more focused title like this should have. I have mentioned it already a few times but this game does an amazing job of capturing the real life feel of the World Cup and that is really unheard of in sports games. From the cheering crowd, to the concerned coach, to the beautiful rendering of South Africa this is one great looking game. I should also mention that the soccer looks great in the game and holds a steady frame rate throughout.

Fun Factor

Although maybe not as deep as FIFA Soccer 10 in terms of modes and staying power, but boy is it a lot of fun to go for the World Cup. What I really enjoyed about this game was that even after I won the cup I wanted to do go back and do it again with a different country and see how that experience would unfold. You really create memories throughout the experience and once again that is not a common thing for me to say in a review of a sports game. I would have loved to have seen a bigger update between titles but even with this short turn around I found another reason to get back into EA’s soccer offering.


It’s not hard for me to say that I was a big fan of FIFA Soccer 10 and am an even bigger fan of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. The game nailed the atmosphere and the intensity of the World Cup in a way that sports games have tried but never succeeded in doing. And for that I would say if your counting down the days until the World Cup to start like I am this is a great way to help ease the wait.

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