Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Objection, your honor! Words that become essential to your success in Capcom's popular courtroom adventure game Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. The Ace Attorney series has been around for over a decade and made a name for itself through over the top courtroom drama. Dual Destinies is no different. This time, series star Phoenix Wright makes his return to the courtroom after a hiatus in the previous title, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Phoenix Wright made his debut on the Nintendo 3DS ealier this year and in our review we found it to be a really great addition to the popular series. After the successful release of the 3DS version Capcom decided to bring it to iOS.

Dual Destinies takes place approximately a year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. After being disbarred from the courtroom, Phoenix Wright is back but things aren't quite as good as they used to be. The justice system is in shambles during a time the game refers to as "The Dark Age of Law." Fabricating evidence, lying witnesses, crooked cops, and shady lawyers has given the public a negative outlook on the system as a whole. Dual Destinies uses the first case as more of a tutorial to how the courtroom mechanics play out.

Similiar to what you would see on a typical court TV show, the prosecution presents their case and you have to pick out the lies in witness testimonies during cross examinations while counterattacking them with your own evidences. There are also a few unique elements that make it more interesting such as using your assistant Athena Cykes. Athena can read witnesses emotions to see what people are hiding. The over dramatic statements and hilarious jokes easily makes the trial the most entertaining portion of the game.

Outside of the courtroom you act as an investigator. Phoenix Wright and Athena carry out investigations by collecting evidence and getting witness testimonies for the case at hand. The characters that you encounter are all very unique in their own right while most of them are unforgettable. Whether it be the always charming Athena or prosecutor Simon Blackquil, these characters do a great job in leaving their mark. The plethora of captivating characters is welcomed because they overshadow the somewhat dull personality of our main hero.  Capcom does an excellent job of  giving each individual character a different personality that kept me interested in each conversation.

There are a total of five cases in the game. Cases can range from a simple murder all the way to some supernatural drama. For example, an early case has Phoenix Wright solving a murder where supposedly an evil demon is the culprit. Each case introduces new gameplay elements that need to be utilized in order to solve the case. This keeps the game feeling fresh and gives you a sense of progression as you have more tools at your disposal. Unfortunately, a couple of cases weren't directly connected to the main plot of the game and seemed to drag sometimes, as if intended to be filler material. The final cases, however, make up for this minor setback by closing the game with a strong conclusion I did not see coming at all.

The iOS version of Dual Destinies is, surprisingly, the definitive edition of the game. The retina display on iOS platforms is superior to the 3DS screen and Capcom utilizes it to near perfection. Even the touch controls are flawless. The only edge the 3DS version seems to have is its 3D capabilities. Outside of that, the iOS version beautiful HD textures and smooth framerate easily makes this the best version of the game. It also gives players the first case for free. The remaining four can be purchased separately for $4.99 each or as a bundle for $15.00.

So, if you just want to give the game a try it is free to play the first case. Previous ports of the Ace Attorney series would understandably give fans pause before diving into Dual Destinies. Thankfully, Capcom has done a stellar job this time around by implementing an intuitive control scheme coupled with beautiful HD textures that brings this lengthy 30 hour game to life.

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