Advent Rising

Advent Rising


Throughout the history of video games, we have seen games that promised to redefine the genre, just as a gimmick to generate interest from gamers. Today we got the opportunity to check out a game that promised more or less a new gaming experience, and even the chance to win one million dollars. The game is Majesco’s very own Advent Rising, probably the heaviest anticipated game ever to come out under Majesco’s name. So is this game able to impress, or are we left with a game that is more talk and less good stuff? Read our full review to find out!


I am sure if you have read only some of my reviews you have heard me write about how great some games sound on paper; well Advent Rising is truly the figure piece for that statement. I have never read a fact sheet for a game before that sounded as exciting and as great as this game. So does this translate into an exciting game?

Advent Rising takes place in the future, with you playing as Giddeon Wyeth. An alien spaceship came calling one day, warning residents of the "seekers" who will come to exterminate all humans. As you can probably guess, this is one of those games that takes the typical futuristic storyline, and doesn’t do anything different with it. In fact the story as a whole is rather lackluster throughout. I only wish that they had really spent more time on the storyline because it would have really helped the game move along a lot smoother then it ended up doing.

So we have heard about how great the game sounds on paper, as well as the lackluster storyline, but what about the gameplay? Well Advent Rising is a third person shooter that takes notes from a lot of other third person action games that we have seen in recent years. For example, the shooting in the game that does allow you to wield two weapons that feels much too familiar for those of us who have played Halo 2, as the system feels as though they went for exactly the same thing.

Throughout the game you will also be using some interesting powers that your character wields, and this lineup includes the ability to move things using your mind, which we have seen done a lot lately. I love being able to do this, but in this game it just feels like an unnecessary addition. I say this because it’s hard to figure out why he has these powers and when he does have them it just feels awkward in the grand scheme of things.

The one thing I liked most about Advent Rising is the targeting system, which for me seemed to be one of the best things this game had to offer. I say this because with the use of the right thumbstick, you could easily lock on to an enemy and do away with them as you find necessary. With that being said the targeting system would have been much better, had the enemies in the game been smarter then they actually are. To be honest, once you get the hang of this game you will find that the enemies don’t pose much of a threat, and therefore you can probably make your way through the game without much difficulty.

To be honest the gameplay really doesn’t do anything overly well, and that is mainly because they try to do so much that everything feels like one big mess. The controls are really one of the big culprits in the game as they are extremely rough around the edges and just don’t have that polished feel that we have grown to expect from such a high-profile release. The game also has so many loose ends that translate into a rather disjointed gaming experience.


With the gameplay not being as good as it sounded on paper, how do the visuals turn out you are probably wondering? Well to be honest, the visuals in the game is actually worst than the gameplay, mainly due to a pretty poor frame rate that really should have been worked on more before it was released. Throughout the game you will see the frame rate take dramatic dips, and unfortunately this happens much too often.

The character models in the game are not all that great and to be honest they just don’t do all that much for me. They have some good details but to be honest the detail on the character models isn’t all that high. The environments work for the game and do have quite a bit of color, but even they needed more work. Overall the visuals definitely needed some more work before they should have been released.

Fun Factor

As much as I was disappointed with Advent Rising and as the game had its problems, it still had its positive moments to. The game has a lot of action from start to finish and they were times in the game that I thought the potential in the game was showing through the problems. And plus how is not fun trying to win a million bucks? With that being said, I can’t say I was overjoyed either with my experience and that kind of left me with mixed feelings on Advent Rising.


Advent Rising has its ups and downs for sure, but to be honest the game just really never got itself away from the problems, and that really was the downfall for this game. I am sure it will still sell plenty of copies with the million dollar giveaway, but unless you have a lot of time to spend searching for it, then you are probably better off just making this game a rental.

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