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Aeon Flux

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Movies based on games have never been something that gamers flock to. With the long track history of bad movie to game ports, I think many of us have just realized that we might want to just steer clear from them and go for more original titles. Today we are going to talk about one such game, Aeon Flux based on the movie starring the delectable Charlize Theron. So with the movie coming out and getting decent results, how did the game end up performing on the Xbox? Read our full review of Aeon Flux to find out!


To explain the story of Aeon Flux would really be a challenge, as this is one of the more confusing games out on the market. The story really takes so many twists and turns, and is just much too hard to really grasp in words. To give you a brief idea of the game’s main premise, you basically are living in a world that is plagued by a deadly disease that has left much of the world dead. The rest of the story is very convoluted and I will let you see the movie or play the game to really get a firm grip on what is going on in this adventure.

When I look at the gameplay of Aeon Flux, it reminds me of a lot of games that are based on female characters. Basically the game plays a lot like Terminal Reality’s Bloodrayne series, and this is a definite good thing. For those who played the Bloodrayne or the sequel, you will be familiar with this third person perspective action game, as Aeon has a lot of cool acrobatic moves in her repertoire to take out the bad guys.

The game, unlike Bloodrayne, also has a lot of platforming elements to compliment the abilities of Aeon herself. These are the best portions of the game, as they flow fluidly and just give a great feeling of what we saw in the movie. I have to say that there are some really fun sections of this game that require you to make some long jumps and a lot of running on walls, which is just a really neat and entertaining experience.

There are a few problems with the core gameplay of Aeon Flux, which begins with the combat. When you get a lot of enemies surrounding Aeon, it can be hard to really get your character to fight them all off. The targeting system is automatic and therefore you don’t have a lot of control over it. This can be very hard and frustrating to deal with, with a lot of enemies around. Even then, pulling off some of these high flying moves are still entertaining, and something that fans of the movie are especially going to enjoy.

When I look at my experience in Aeon Flux, I see that it has style in spades. Being that the hand to hand combat is just so cool looking and just has such a smooth flow to it, that it really is an entertaining portion of the game. The game also does a nice job of keeping things moving at a very smooth rate. Therefore you won’t find any huge gaps of time where things just feel completely boring. So in that sense, the developers did a good job. On the other end of the spectrum however, things can become frustrating with the less-than-perfect controls, and the story reduced to a convoluted mess.


Visually Aeon Flux kind of just goes with the flow, not really doing a whole heck of a lot to try and separate itself from previous action games based on movies. It is quite obvious that the majority of the time in the development process was to create really great environments, and they succeeded on most levels. The game’s environments are crisp nicely detailed and just keep the look of the game very consistent. However the animation in the game is less than stellar, giving rise to some clipping problems and some sluggish portions that hold the game back. The visuals are really what I would just consider an average in action game standards.

Fun Factor

I have to say that what really bothered me about Aeon Flux is that when you look at the core storyline of the game, there is a lot of potential. But when you look at what the developers did with the story, it is just disappointing to see that the developers were unable to fully use this. The Gameplay itself is good, but nothing that really takes you further than what we have seen in the past. If you enjoyed the movie, you will find the gameplay to be enjoyable, but fans who thought poorly of the movie probably won’t enjoy this game one bit.


Aeon Flux is another one of those games that just didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. I played the game for a good amount of time and was entertained, but not something I would rave about. If you enjoyed the movie, go check this game out in a rental. Otherwise you are probably better off just passing up on this one.

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