Alien Breed

Alien Breed on the Vita is an HD up-rez of a classic arcade game done right. It features all new graphics and tons of additional levels, but doesn’t bring anything incredibly new to this classic title. The gameplay, sound, and visuals have gone through some touching up to make them more accessible to modern players. Alien Breed has a lot of levels available, including the original and the enhanced editions that basically serve as level packs. Each stage is filled with objectives you have to complete to advance to the next stage. There’s only one little problem: While trying to complete these objectives you'll constantly be swarmed by hordes of aliens. The best part, though, is that a lot of this game feels like someone wanted to make a game about the movie Alien and didn’t have the license, because all of the creatures look and feel like Alien knock offs. As you travel through the levels you pick up point collectibles to give you a high score, and key cards and ammo so you can open doors and take down aliens with extreme prejudice. The game also has some early survival horror trappings to it, such as aliens bursting out of the floor randomly or by being surrounded and overwhelmed.

Alien Breed really has put a lot of effort into cleaning up the sound and visuals. The game now as a clear and crisp appearance with some new textures that make it look more like a modern downloadable game. The game does what it can to look and sound better, which is really the goal with this title and it succeeds in that for sure. There are also a lot of levels to play so if this game grabs you then there is definitely content here to keep you busy. The game is also very pick-up-and-go friendly, which is perfect for the Vita. All of the levels are about five minutes long, at most, so you can burn through levels fairly quickly if you know what you are doing, as some of the levels are actually fairly tricky.

The other new feature to this game is that now it functions as a dual joystick shooter, which does a lot to make it more approachable. There is also a classic mode that turns on the old graphics and gameplay style but that is really just for the most hardcore fans of the original as playing the game in the new enhanced mode is definitely the way to go. The game gets pretty difficult and having the ability to use the dual joystick shooting makes approaching enemies easier to dispatch, but you lose more ammo in the process by wildly shooting. The classic mode is really just for nostalgic purposes and probably feels necessary for all HD remakes, but it wouldn’t really be missed here. The biggest addition to Alien Breed is the inclusion of online multiplayer, which allows you to play with a friend and is really where this game is the most fun because you have someone there to have your back and its more entertaining than going through the game alone.

So the one thing about Alien Breed is that the game is kind of boring and if you aren’t a fan of the old game there really isn’t anything here to bring anyone new to the mix. Even going back to the game, it was hard to stay focused and want to keep playing. This package is a love letter to those who really enjoyed the original game and it doesn’t seem to be targeted towards anyone else really. Alien Breed is a decent package and great love letter to a classic arcade game but that’s all it manages to be. The inclusion of multiplayer goes a long way to make this package worth the price but if you are looking for something more in depth you may want to look elsewhere.