Alien Hominid


There are games throughout the year that come out with no one knowing it and others that come out under the radar and become instant success. In my opinion the game industry is a real dangerous and risky business that runs mostly on the word of mouth, and so if a game gets a good amount of coverage the game somehow seems to sell more games. Although this is pretty simple marketing concept, this is something that I see happening all the time. With Alien Hominid we have a game that not many have heard of but can it still be a great game? Read our full review to find out!


What so many gamers forget is that the graphics and all the bells and whistles that we have become accustomed to in the last ten years or so have not always been there. In fact games like Pong and the old Atari systems took the simplest of ideas and made them extremely fun. So now we have these new developers who instead of going for that high flying, big budget game, have gone back to the basics in creating a game that doesn’t have all the amazing effects but instead takes us back to what is great about video games, and that’s having fun.

Alien Hominid takes us back to the old 2D style gaming that is probably going to remind a lot of us with games like Contra and Metal Slug both games that really have taken the action shooting 2D genre to some of its best moments. The story behind Alien Hominid is very simple, with your character just wanting to get his spaceship back from the FBI. And that’s it, you just want your spaceship back and so you will go through the game taking out whoever is in your path, so you can get your spaceship back.

The gameplay in Alien Hominid is back to the old 2D style, which is actually works quite well. This is one of the fastest paced shooters that I have seen in quite sometime. This at times can throw many enemies out at you at once, which leads to a whole lot of button mashing. You do get some extra moves that we didn’t see back in the age of 2D shooters, like some quick rolls, and other moves that kind of show the time of which this game was made. You can also throw your enemies at other enemies, which works as one of the key maneuvers in the game.

The one thing I have to put this game down with is that the game might just be a little too fast pace for its own good. What I mean when I say this is that one of the great things about the old time 2D shooters is that they also incorporated some strategy with the shooting, this game moves at such a fast pace that things just get to out of hand and become much more of a button masher then needed to.

With that being said Alien Hominid is still a very good 2D action shooter that does capture a lot of the prior glory that many games had found with the genre. Although the game does have its faults, anyone who remembers games like Contra will definitely appreciate Alien Hominid.


One of the most unique parts of Alien Hominid is the visual, which are cute yet very violent at the same time, it’s really a different combo. The developers for this game did a great job of making one of the most "unique" (in a good way) looking games on the market to date. There is nothing that’s going to really jump out and grab you in Alien Hominid, but you won’t have to worry about any slowdown and you get to see a very artistic game.

Overall I was very impressed with the artistic style that this 2D shooter posses. It may not be Splinter Cell or a Halo 2, but the graphics take the 2D genre and make it look pretty dang good.

Fun Factor

If I could use one word to describe all of the 2D shooters I have played in my lifetime, the one word that jumps out at me is fun. Alien Hominid for the most part does a good job of grabbing a hold of this fun and making a very enjoyable game out of it. Although the game may not have the best 2D action ever, it does take the risk of going back to the old genre and making a very fun game with it.


If your one that wants to show your kids what type of games you used to play but with the new generation style graphics, Alien Hominid for the PS2 is a perfect game for you. It’s fast paced, has beautiful visuals, and just a whole lot of fun.

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