With some titles such as Splinter Cell and even Metal Gear Solid 2 using so many different complex elements to make a great game, sometimes even the simplest of games can actually end up being the most fun. This has proven true throughout the history of gaming. So when you look at Amplitude from the outside it looks like you just press a lot of buttons, well on the outside yes, but it’s what’s inside that is so addicting, and this is what is so great about Amplitude.


I have always been a pretty big fan of the rhythm based music games, just because I always seem to get hooked into them. Now I am not the one you are going to see on the Dance Dance Revolution Arcade’s shedding my stuff in front of everyone, but instead I prefer showing my stuff to the TV.

Well first off let’s just get one thing straight. If you liked Frequency, you are going to absolutely love Amplitude. Conversely, if you’re not a fan of Frequency, then this just might not be the game for you. For myself I am not usually a huge fan of rhythm games, but these two titles have totally changed my mind.

The game has a few different modes to choose from, these include Solo, Multiplayer, Game Mode, Duel Mode, Remix Mode, and Online play. First off I just want to commend Sony for giving all the buyers of their Network Adapter more and more games to play online.

The Solo mode is where you will most likely start off. In this mode there are two tutorial modes and then the main game. The tutorials are actually quite helpful because they teach you exactly what you need to know in a short amount of time so you won’t have to stay in the mode very long. After that you are off to the actual game. In this mode the objective is to unlock all the songs of the game by scoring points and completing the songs. What makes this mode so intriguing to finish is not only that the mode is a lot of fun, but that once you unlock the song you can then take it and remix it.

The Duel mode was also an interesting mode and all in all an excellent mode to play with a friend. In this mode one player lays down a phrase of notes then the other player has to repeat that, and so on. There can seriously be some heated battles in the mode, and if you’re good at this game this can actually be an excellent game to play with a lot of friends.

The online play is very impressive, because Harmonix shows they weren’t joking around when they through in this option. What is so nice about Amplitude is that it can actually be played on Narrowband, as well as Broadband. Although I have not tested the Narrowband, I can say that from my experiences on playing some people with slower connections, that they only had minimal hold ups with the game. Harmonix has also brought Leader boards, and Downloadable Content to play, which is always a good thing. Overall I was really impressed with how well the online play did, and how talented some of these players are, those of you looking for some competition you can surely find it online.

The controls are explained very well in the tutorial and after a few rounds of the game you won’t need to look at the controls anymore, because it will all become instinct. You have two different options of controls to choose from. You can either use the top buttons L1, R1, R2 (recommended), or you can use Circle, Triangle, and Square. The reason I recommend that first one is you’re most likely to be faster using the first set of buttons.

What is so great about Amplitude is that there are 26 different tracks to listen to all varying in genre. My favorites being the Blink 182, and Papa Roach songs, but there are also POD, David Bowie, Dieselboy, Garbage, and much, much more.


Judging this portion of the game is actually quite difficult. When you think about it there isn’t much to a rhythm game so there never is a lot of emphasis put on the graphics. So therefore it’s hard to really grasp the game’s graphics.

Well anyways, the graphics are solely based in the different environments that you will be playing in. These are a lot more detailed, and creative then in Frequency, and have a lot more interesting actions then before. This isn’t a game that has a whole lot of detail, so none of these environments are going to impress you for very long. It would have been also nice to see some more variety in the environments and maybe some different looks to them.

Overall though the game does a pretty good job at doing exactly what it was set out to do. But for the most part you are not going to be paying much attention to the environments anyways.

Fun Factor

This has to be the easiest and the best portion of the review to write because it is so easy to do. Is Amplitude fun, the simple answer is YES! If I had to pick a game that I had the most fun reviewing this year it would by far be Amplitude. The game has both a great multiplayer and single player selection that are going to last you quite a long time and really never get boring. The online play is what really tops of the deal, which gives the game plenty of replay value to last you quite a while.


If you are looking for a new game for your PS2, and are into rhythm games then Amplitude should definitely be a game that you think about picking up. It is sure not to disappoint anyone who likes the light-hearted game. So you should really make an effort to pick up this one.

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