Ape Escape 2


The age of platform titles have had it’s moments on both Sony consoles. There have been really good solid platformers and some that really are just not worth noting. With that being said the Ape Escape series was brought the PS1 back in 1999, and for the time it was a really solid Platformer. The biggest problem the series faced though was the lack of interest from the consumers. So now Sony has turned over the rights to the series over to Ubi Soft, and now Ubi Soft is trying their luck with Ape Escape on the PS2.


Before I start getting into the real review of this game, I will get something that really has plagued the title in the past, and that is the theme behind it. When most people will get there hands on the game they will think right from to get go that this is a children’s game and was only made for little kids. And this is true to an extent, because the whole look and theme behind Ape Escape 2 is kind of childish. So it is going to take a lot out of you right from the get go your going to have to overlook the childish themes to really see all that this game is about.

Having played the original Ape Escape for the PlayStation, I found right from the beginning of the game that Ape Escape 2 did not seem like a new addition to the series but more of an upgrade to the next generation consoles. As you get into the game you will find that it really is quite similar to the original and that you really feel like your playing the same game all over again.

When the game starts up you are given an introduction into the game’s story, which really is just one big joke. No one in there right mind is really going to get into the story, but it does have some funny moments. Basically the story has something to do with a lot of monkeys and monkey pants. That is all that I really got out of the story and that’s all anyone will need to know.

As you get into the game you will find that it plays like a pretty basic Platformer, with the normal jumping from platform to platform while defeating enemies. There are plenty of gadgets that you will find throughout your adventure in Ape Escape 2, but unfortunately most of them we have already found in Ape Escape. For those of you who haven’t played the first Ape Escape you will find that the gadgets are pretty innovative at the beginning but they lose their flair after a while.

Throughout the game there are several different mini-games in which you will be playing. One of the big problems that I have with the mini games are that it seems like every other one doesn’t seem to be very appealing. There are some of these games that can be a blast to play and you will definitely be entertained while playing it, but there are others in which you wish they just didn’t put in.

My biggest gripe with Ape Escape 2 is it is a game in which combines a lot of gameplay elements that we have already seen done before. Not only have we seen it done in the original or in other platformers already released for the PS2. The level design is what you would expect from the game and it stays pretty consistent throughout the game.

The controls of Ape Escape 2 are really quite simple, and will not take you much time at all to get the hang of. They are pretty tight controls and luckily they also work quite well with the camera, and very rarely will you find the camera getting in the way of the action of the game.


When the developers of Ape Escape 2 sat down and discussed Ape Escape 2 it looks as though they really wanted to spend most of there time trying to get the gameplay solid rather then upgrading the graphics. It’s not that the graphics are bad, but there is just nothing about them that gives you that feeling of a good looking title.

The environments in which you play in all do look pretty unique in their theme, but there overall design is pretty repetitive. The environments after a while start to really feel the same, which will start to get you tired of the game. The environments end up being pretty bland and just don’t really do anything for me. The character models also are on about the same line as the environments which don’t look overly bad but they just lack the detail and attitude we have found in other platformers.

Overall the graphics of Ape Escape 2 is not a game that looks bad, but it just doesn’t do anything overly well. It is just a game that makes sure everything looks presentable, and in that aspect it does a good job of doing that.

Fun Factor

When I think of Ape Escape 2 there is some of me that finds that game to be quite fun, and there are other parts of me that say I got pretty bored playing this game. The game really has it’s moments, and I found that there was probably more pros then cons. There is just a lot of good solid fun platforming gameplay to be had in Ape Escape 2 that will take a good fifteen hours to complete.


Ape Escape 2 does a lot of things right but it just doesn’t seem to do anything more then that. This is one of those titles that I would really have trouble staying interested to want to play through the whole game. There is just nothing new and exciting in Ape Escape 2 to let it compete with the other great platform titles on the market. Unless you really need a Platform title, I would just make this a rental.

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