Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2


67 years have passed since the original Armored Core. The world is in the worst condition ever. Many have died and suffered and there seems to be no end to the chaos. You are Raven, a mercenary (how original) for hire, and you’ll soon find yourself being offered jobs from three very big corporations. You see, these three corps have found a way to make billions but only if one corp. eliminates the other 2. So, all of them will be offering you a job to do their dirty work, but you can choose not to except jobs from certain corps. This is a very good story - deep and involving, and it lets you make you own choices, which I like a lot. Having said that, it should be mentioned that there’s not much of character growth or development, but I was into it. I think you will be too.


This game has some gameplay for you to sink you teeth into. This game will take many hours of hard work to master, at least 20 hours. That’s more than some RPGs, but the gameplay is good. So many won’t mind. At the start, you’re given the worst of everything and the more missions you complete and win at the battle arena, the more money you earn. And the more money you earn, the better that parts you can buy. It’s quite a simple formula actualy. Everything from better guns to a better torso you also get. AC2 even lets you design your own logo, which is just cool. The battle arena is by far my favorite. There’s 50 other mechs waiting for you. Take them down one by one using a variety of weapons such as laser swords, guns, even bigger guns, rockets and whatever else you can afford to buy at the time. The missions, 30 in all, can be a bit contrived at times. No real complains here because for the most part of the game its fun.


The game is pretty and offers huge worlds. AC 2 features massive detail, bright (and dark when need be) colors which makes it a richly and beautiful game to look at. The outside view of the mech is fantastic. No problems to speak of. The games only real letdown in the graphics department is the fact that the frame rate tends to dip every now and then, but I’ve heard no other complaints on this. So it might just be my disc. The sound is nice - a decent score at best. Nothing really great in the music department, which is just sad.

Fun Factor

AC2 is fun for the most part the game. It takes a lot of hard work to finish it, so you can easily get sick of it after a while. But stick with it and you’ll enjoy the game even more. There’s also the 2 player deathmatch mode, which provides a little variety to the gameplay. If you get bored, you can always indulge yourself in designed your own custom logo for your mech.


Overall, Armored Core 2 is a good mech game, and at the very least it is worth renting if you want to try it out. The game offers great graphics, a solid story, deep gameplay and a impressive amount of replay value. You should buy this game if you like mechs, think Gundam Wing is cool or just cant wait for Z.O.E. (Zone of Enders). You should not buy this game if you rather wait for Z.O.E., or dislike mechs in general.