ATV Offroad Fury 2


The PS2 has had its fair share of racers. Ranging from Nascar to flying futuristic vehicles like Wipeout and Kinetica. One game that came early on in the PS2’s lifespan was ATV Offroad Fury. This game won the hearts of many racing enthusiasts, who are just want to race and have a good time. Now almost two years later SCEA has released ATV Offroad Fury 2 to give all you fans of the first game, another chance for ATV glory.


ATV Offroad Fury is really a hard game to categorize. In some aspects of the game I find it to be more like an arcade racer and at others more of a simulation. The game has many characteristics of both to try and give the player the best of both worlds.

Probably the biggest change to this installment was the amount and variation of gameplay modes. This is to fix one of the biggest problems with the original ATV was the lack of different game modes. Luckily this time around, that is no longer the case. Not only do you have the regular free ride and championship modes, but there are several mini games in which I have found at some points of the game to be even more fun then actually racing.

With that said there is also the online support in which I think Sony really needed to do. Playing online is actually not as great as one would have hoped. Only being able to play against a few other people is a drag and they don’t allow you to play the mini games, which I think would have been great online fun.

For the most part the gameplay is about the same. The one thing I felt at some points of the game is good and at others bad was the difficulty. This is really not an easy game by any means. If you make one mistake you will find yourself at the back of the pack where it will become very difficult to make your way back up the rankings. ATV can also have some strategy to it because at some points in can become crucial to take jumps correctly, so you don’t slow down.

The controls are pretty basic but for most part they seem identical to the previous game. So for those of you who played ATV Offroad Fury there will be no learning curve for you in fact most people will be able to get these controls down in a matter of a few minutes.

Probably the biggest downside to ATV Offroad Fury 2 has to be the sound in the game, specifically the sound track. It strikes me as very odd the selection of music Sony chose to put in the game were extremely odd. They have a variety of different music types and they all don’t really mix. I really find that sticking to one genre of music works best. ATV really helps prove my theory because this is just one poor soundtrack.

The sound effects in the game are not to bad. The sound of the engine roaring is really pretty impressive. For the most part the rest of the sound effects are just about average.


A problem that I found in the original ATV Offroad Fury was the below par graphics. You can see that Rainbow Studios gave ATV a totally new facelift in which has really helped the game but the graphics are still far from perfect.

For the most part the biggest upgrade in the game wasn’t so much the big picture of the courses but the little details that really helped the game. The details on the vehicles and players are commendable, but the use of little lighting effect didn’t really look great.

The only downside to the game’s graphics are the track design. l personally feel that the developers could have added more variety to the tracks. This is not saying the courses are bad by any means, but they just haven’t been upgraded enough to make them anything special or worth raving over.

Fun Factor

For the most part ATV Offroad Fury 2 is not much different in the gameplay department when compared to its predecessor, which is not a bad thing by any means. There is a lot of fun to be had with all the new modes that have been added to this edition, including all the mini-games. The soundtrack does hold the game back just a little bit but for the most part this game can be a lot of fun.

The championship mode is the only part of the game I didn’t find as amusing as the original. It just seemed a little uninspired, and there was really nothing in the mode to keep me wanting to play it for longer.


This has to be the best ATV game on the market. For anyone who is looking for a solid racing title with plenty of gameplay modes to keep you entertained, then you couldn’t go wrong with ATV Offroad Fury 2.

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