ATV Offroad Fury 3


Over the past few years the PS2 has had a very impressively diverse lineup that really has given owners of the console in my opinion no room to complain. One series that hasn’t really gotten all the recognition it may deserve is the ATV Offroad series, which has given gamers plenty of fast paced open ranged ATV fun. Now back for its third installment, the series once again attempts to make a name for itself, in ATV Offroad Fury 3. So is this the one to put the game over the top? Read on to find out!


For those of you who haven’t heard that SCEA was releasing a new ATV Offroad Fury game, you’re not alone, as the game has really come to the market with little to no hype, only to the real hardcore ATV fans. Well during the off-season SCEA lined up Climax Studios to take over their series and in my opinion try to revamp the series to incorporate a new style for the game. So does Climax create a game that will make fans of the ATV excited or is this a step in the wrong direction for the game?

The game has four main modes, which include Single Player, Multiplayer, Hall of Fame, and Options. In the single player mode you have a good list of different modes, which include: Single Event, Training, Championship, and Waypoint. The training mode is great for experienced ATV players as well as the new guys, because things have been changed slightly in the game. Also when you go through the training you earn yourself some newer ATVs that will help you in the beginning of the Championship mode. Moving onto the Championship mode this would be ATVs name for a career mode which runs a quite a simple design. You can see that the developers didn’t put a whole lot of time into trying to create an amazing career mode, but instead you see a mode where the game instead of trying to make the career mode complex makes it challenging. The beginning stages of this mode are both the easiest and the hardest parts of the game, where the AI can be extremely forgiving or really evil.

One thing that really made this championship mode interesting was the tough AI, which really requires a perfect blend of skill and concentration in order to win a race. The game combines a very solid combo system that allows you to rack up some points while going through the levels. But if you make one mistake throughout a level you have a good chance of seeing your first place finish go by the waste side.

What really impressive about ATV Offroad Fury 3 is the thirty-eight environments and the forty plus tracks to go along with it. This is just an amazing number when you think about it giving you no real chance to master one track, because there are so many to choose from. This is a strong feature for the game that really gives you plenty to sink your teeth into for quite sometime.

But where you can see Climax Studios put a lot of there time into ATV Offroad Fury 3 was in the six player online support. Climax didn’t leave anything out with this mode as you have every feature you could ever want including, Buddy Lists, Clan Support, USB Headset Support, Message boards, and Scoreboards. You can see they really wanted to give fans of the game a true online mode to be happy, one they could be playing on for quite sometime to come. In my opinion the online mode was the most entertaining and thrilling mode of this game. I would say 90% of my games ran extremely smooth with little to no lag what so ever. Overall the online mode was just extremely impressive, leaving nothing to chance, Climax Studios provided an excellent online racing experience.

Overall I was just really impressed with all of the strides Climax Studios has taken with the game. The controls of the game have been improved to where you really feel like you have full control over the ATV, and the new online mode was just an amazing experience. Combine all of this and you have a game that will make any fan of the series weak at the knees.


The ATV Offroad Fury series has always done well with the gameplay portion of the game but has never really gotten the visuals down. For some reason they never seem to turn out as well as we would all hope. So is the third time the charm? Almost.

Right off the bat you can see that Climax Studios has had some real positive impacts on creating a much better looking game then last years, although its not perfect it is moving in the right direction. The game doesn’t really do a whole lot different but instead just cleans up around the last game. You can see the character models have been improved a few notches with a lot more detail and a much smoother outlook, which was an improvement. On the downside they really didn’t do much different in the environments, besides add a little bit more detail. There really wasn’t any sort of overhaul done on any parts of the visuals.

Overall Climax takes the ATV Offroad Fury series from an average looking to a solid looking game with no real problems to discuss. The only downside is that you can see the game had potential to be great but never made its way all the way there.

Fun Factor

ATV Offroad Fury 3 is a game that provides just a really fun experience that any ATV fan is going to have a blast playing. The single player mode is challenging enough to give most of us something to work on for hours. But by far the most impressive part of the game was in the online mode, which really combined all of the necessary ingredients to make a solid online mode. ATV Offroad Fury 3 really combines all of the good parts of the previous two games and combines it all into one package, which makes for a really fun game.


Whatever way you look at it, ATV Offroad Fury 3 is just a really fun game. It has everything you need for a successful game and it does it in a very nice fashion. For those of you fans of the series wondering if you should go pick this one up my answer for you is yes get this game, it is a very solid improvement over last years game.

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