Awesome Pea Review

If you were a kid in the early 90's and were into video games, there's a good chance you had a Nintendo Gameboy. Shoot, that sentence describes me to a "T", and while I never had one, I sure did play my friends’ Gameboy a lot. I bring up that bit of nostalgia (do you know where your Gameboy is?) as the game we're looking at today looks like it belongs on that old-school Gameboy, with its distinctive green hue visuals. Is Awesome Pea a type of game that's going to bring back good memories, or is it a vegetable not worth your time?

Awesome Pea is a straight-up platforming game, as you control the titular pea (who we assume is awesome) and go from level to level collecting coins, gems and, well... trying to stay alive. To be clear: there is no story here whatsoeve, just pure old-school platforming. I suppose the immediate comparison here is Super Meat Boy, as you die in one hit to everything, but while Awesome Pea is certainly challenging, it's not quite on that level.

You are treated to a total of 30 levels and they'll increase in difficulty over time. In general, though, each level has a number of coins and gems to collect. You don't have to collect them, of course, as survival is ultimately the name of the game, but there is literally a trophy for completing each level 100% here (so, a little extra incentive for completionists). Awesome Pea himself controls comfortably with PS4 controller, but I just stuck to the d-pad as using the analog stick just felt off a bit (and you need good controls with a game like this). Thankfully, you do have a double jump here, so that combined with the d-pad control makes this a comfortable game to play.

Now, the visuals are an interesting tale. Awesome Pea obviously looks like a Gameboy game, and that's what drew me to it, but there are options for more of a CRTV look or toning down the retro look as well. Up to you. The game then has a number of backgrounds for each level. Does that sound weird? It sounds obvious, right? However, there's only a handful of background levels here. You have your train level, your prairie level, your cave level, your dungeon level... then another train level. The game re-uses a lot of backgrounds (as well as audio), but hey, it's a cheaper game, we all know this. There is also an over-world that you will choose levels on that works well enough, although late in the game my character just disappeared from it. Not game-stopping, but an obvious bug.

Old-school gamers will also appreciate the chiptune soundtrack here as well, which is definitely catchier than I thought it was going to be. As good as it is the first time around, though, it wears out its welcome fairly quickly as the tunes follow the levels, which just repeat and repeat and repeat. I did like the fact that the music continues even after you die (it would have been annoying otherwise), so while the audio here is definitely solid, it can definitely get very repetitive!

When it comes to re-playability, well... I suppose you can go back to levels and try to get every coin and gem you may have missed. Get that platinum trophy? Try for better times? Yeah, there's not much of a reason to play again once you've finished the game. It’s good for some pick-up-and-play if you are really desperate for a platforming fix. Thirty levels also isn't a whole lot in the long run, but given the game's price point and overall difficulty curve, I was pretty happy overall.

In the end, if you are just looking for a no-thrills platforming game, Awesome Pea may just be for you. Granted, it’s pretty short, but the price point is right and the controls and difficulty are on par. It also doesn't hurt that there are plenty of trophies to earn along the way! If that sounds awesome to you, this Pea is worth a shot.

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