Bad Bots

You suddenly wake up in your capsule and realize something isn't right. You find that you have been thrown into the trash compactor and as you explore your surroundings, you find a broken robot who tells you that the ship's main computer, Dana, has savagely sent the on-board robots into a murdering rampage that has made you the last surviving member of your crew. Now, we cut to a comic-style cutscene showing the destruction and your growing anger due to the loss of your fellow crew members. Angry, and the only human on board, you decide that Dana is going to die and it is your job to make her pay for all of the lives she has dispatched. This is how Bad Bots begins.

There are different modes to play in Bad Bots such as the campaign and challenge levels. The challenge levels are separated into three levels of difficulty, beginning with practice. You have to fight off and attempt to survive waves of homicidal robots. Power-ups, such as lightning icons, allow you to get combos, where boxes and cases carry ammo and weapons. These levels only contain one area, so jumping around, scrolling back and forth and shooting wildly can pay off as a good tactic against the robots. Enemies jump and come at you from different directions so you can't easily camp and mow down wave after wave.

In the campaign, I enjoyed going through each level and clearing out all of the robots, but when it came to defeating the boss, it was fairly easy to figure out what to do so I shot them up and passed the level. By the time I got to the final boss, I was so used to just straight-up shooting the boss that I forgot to dodge and maneuver around attacks. It took me a while to figure out what to do, and I proceeded to fail twenty more times until I finally beat it.

The varieties of robots made the gameplay a bit more challenging. While shooting tank-like robots, you had smaller, crawling robots that electrocuted you while jumping around, forcing you to switch between melee and your rifle. The availability of weapons, health, and ammo was distributed  surprisingly evenly throughout the levels. The items and saves were easily spotted and it keeps you motivated on shooting more bots and boxes.

Overall, Bad Bots was a great game to play. The graphics took me back to Dangerous Dave in the Haunted House and other games I played in middle school. The story was short and sweet, and I felt that it was the right length of play but it would be better if it was slightly cheaper. You might want to check it out during the Steam Summer Sale. It had its frustrating moments as many others do, but I felt that this was a fun, entertaining shoot 'me up that kept my interest.