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Battle Engine Aquila

Reviews, XboxJoel Szerlip


Over the past year there has been a steady amount of action titles similar to Battle Engine Aquila released for the Xbox. With that being said Lost Toys had a lot of work to do to match some of the high quality action titles already released on the Xbox.


You play as Hawk Winter at first glance he seems like a normal dockworker during the day, but at night he is the king of racing. The Forseti Military has developed a new Mech similar to the one you race, and decides to draft you into the military, to fight against the evil Muspell. This is where the story begins during the first cut scene, the cut scenes will continue throughout the game after you complete a level.

As you start a level up on a level on Battle Engine Aquila, you will be given a little snippet of what the objectives are on the upcoming level and a little information on exactly what you are going to need to do to complete it. During the levels you will also receive radio transmissions informing you of different situations, as well as change in objectives.

One of the biggest known features of Battle Engine Aquila is the ability to transform the Aquila from Tank to Aircraft. This feature was what Lost Toy’s were hoping would take the action Mech game to another level. In some aspects they did accomplish there objective, it is quite a neat feature that has been put together in a nice fashion.

The one thing I was very optimistic about before I even started playing the game is how it would actually play out. Several times games similar to Battle Engine Aquila have the graphics, and have the idea of a great game but never come through when it comes down to the actual game. Luckily Lost Toys combined the feel of a Mech game with the controls of a First Person Shooter.

Another thing that does separate Battle Engine Aquila to other Mech games is it has a lot more strategy compared to other games of this type. This is not the type of game where you are going to find it better to go run into battles but instead to take your time and find different strategies to complete your objectives. You will also find that you are going to want to take a look at the whole field before you decide what type of form of the Aquila you are going to want to use.

What is so amazing about Battle Engine Aquila is that it has 43 full missions. You read that correctly, 43 missions. This statistic is a bit flawed due to the missions lengths are not as long as the normal missions on other games, but with that being said this is not a short game by any means.

Along with the single player modes comes a multiplayer mode that comes up a bit short. The biggest problem is that there is no System Link compatibility or Xbox Live support. What is left is a split screen multiplayer mode that is just a standard multiplayer mode that just doesn’t do a lot for me.

The sound in Battle Engine Aquila is really an excellent addition to the game. With 5.1 Surround Sound support the sound effects of the game can come out of all five speakers in great quality. This is one game that thrives on the sound in the game, and the overall sound is impressive.


This part of the review is one of the more difficult portions of the review because there is so many up’s and downs to the game’s graphics and it is hard to decide whether this is a beautiful game or just a game that lives on the line of mediocre.

To start with the poor portions of the game’s graphics are all the little things that really add up to make a lot of ugly problems. To start with from far away the environments look gorgeous but up close things start to look quite grainy and not up to Xbox standards. Some of the other disappointing portions of the game include the vehicles themselves, which aren’t as polished and sharp as other Mech games.

On the upside, the environments from a distance look spectacular. There are some nice effects as well including some lighting as well as some of the explosions that are great to look at. Overall the graphics of Battle Engine Aquila are just around average.

Fun Factor

I played this game for quite a long time and what I found was the game got extremely repetitive after a few missions in the single player mode. It seemed like you were doing the same thing over and over again, and the story did not help try to keep you interested in the game, and overall the most disappointing portion of the game being the multiplayer mode which just doesn’t cut it. The gameplay is fun at first, but if only it wasn’t so repetitive.


Battle Engine Aquila makes a nice effort of creating an above average Mech action game that has solid gameplay, decent graphics, and excellent sound. On the downside the game does get repetitive and there isn’t enough new in the game to keep most of us interested in the game to actually complete it. If you are looking for another Mech game for your Xbox then this one is a good choice.

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