Battlefield 2: Modern Combat


Well there are so many games on the PC that you just never though you’d see on the consoles. To be honest, I was weary when I heard Digital Illusion is porting their Battlefield series over, as they have a tough time in recreating that PC-feel on the console platform. So were they up to the test? Read our full review to find out!


Well let’s take sometime and talk about the Battlefield series, which began as Battlefield 1942, which is one of the most popular first person shooters to play online today. Then came the Battlefield Vietnam, which felt more like an expansion to 1942 and didn’t receive as high of praise as the original. And just this year Digital Illusions releases Battlefield 2, bringing back plenty of the past glory to the PC, with amazing visuals and solid gameplay all the way around the board. Well now the series is making the transition to the console, which means the game may have to alter its focus to both single and multiplayer, instead of just multiplayer. So the big question is, is the game up to the challenge?

Well let’s start with the single player portion of the game, which can be considered really the most insignificant portion of all three PC games. This time around, Modern Combat actually offers a typical futuristic political storyline where the world is in chaos, mainly focusing on China in this game. Basically you go through this single player game with one thing in mind, taking out your opponents. What is neat about this game is the ability to hot swap, which has never been done in a FPS before, but I could see it becoming very popular in years to come. Basically what this allows you to do is switch between players on the fly. Let’s say you see a tank coming up, you can then switch to an engineer if he is in the line of sight to take out out. I loved this idea and got so used to it that when I played other FPS, I wished they had this in their game.

The single player experience is not all that long, but it is entertaining from start to finish. The ability to hot swap adds quite a bit of strategy to the game. Similar to the previous Battlefield games, Modern Combat allows you to really enjoy all the different types of soldiers in the game. The game really does a great job of allowing you to be very involved in your battles, and it really feels like you have a significant impact on the outcome of the battles. Sure the single player mode isn’t overly long, but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

Even though this game is on the consoles the main draw of any Battlefield game is the multiplayer, which is very much true for Modern Combat as well. On the PS2 you can have up to 24 players online, which is very impressive for a console. Now one of the biggest downsides to the game is that it only has two different types of modes to choose from online - Conquest and CTF – both of which feels similar to each other. Now these two are also probably the most popular online on the PC, but it would have been nice to have seen more to the games online play on the consoles. The actual online play is solid and smooth, but nothing that hasn’t been done before in the Battlefield series.

Modern Combat provides a good experience that has a lot to offer the typical gamer. The game still includes plenty of vehicles and even helicopters, which control well enough on the consoles. The biggest downside to the game is the lack of different modes online, which should have been dealt with before the game was released. Sure these two modes work well, but everyone wants some variety online. In the end the gameplay of Modern Combat is solid, but is missing the finishing touches to put it over the top.


Visually the Battlefield series has always been one of the superior titles on the PC, but I cannot say that it is the same case with the PS2 port. At this point in time, we know what the Playstation 2 is capable of, and we know it’s much more than what we got in Modern Combat. The game isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have any of the attention to detail that it had on the PC version. This can be most easily found in the environments, which although have some nice ideas never really stand out.

The animation in the game is smooth, but is another example of where the game is nowhere near as impressive as it was on the PC. I just felt like when I was playing Modern Combat that sure the game looked good, but it never wanted to beyond that to try and really make this game look better then most other FPS. In the end Modern Combat is a good-looking game, but truly nothing more than that.

Fun Factor

Well we have already covered the fact that Modern Combat is nowhere near as deep online as it was on the PC, but what it does have is the same great gameplay flow that was made popular in this series on the PC. The game still has the rock paper scissor style that makes you have to choose the right soldier class to go against the enemy in the best way possible. For what the multiplayer has to offer it is a lot of fun to play, but once again there is nothing in Modern Combat that separates itself from its competitors. I enjoyed Modern Combat both online and offline, but this was not an experience that just blew me away.


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is a good solid transition from the PC to the console, and I think the developers will learn a lot from this experience. The hot swapping idea was absolutely perfect, and I hope to see it in future games. The multiplayer was good too, and needs to be expanded to further complete the game. In the end, if you want to take the great Battlefield series to your consoles, I certainly would recommend Modern Combat, as long as you don’t mind its lack of online play modes.

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