Battlefield: Bad Company


The Battlefield franchise has had quite a bit of success on the PC platform, but no where near the same sort of appeal on the consoles. Sure it has had some solid outings but nothing in terms of the success found on the PC starting with Battlefield 1942 so many years ago. Now here on the Playstation 3 we see that Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and  EA have gone back to the drawing board with the Battlefield franchise on the consoles and has come to us with Battlefield: Bad Company which hopes to be the first Battlefield game to really make its mark on the consoles. Does Bad Company have the right stuff? Read our full review to find out!


There is no doubt that EA really was pushing this latest installment in the Battlefield series. EA is known for doing some pretty big marketing campaigns for games and I can honestly say that Bad Company has gotten its fair share of marketing treatment. What this usually tells me is that they are pretty confident with this game and they want to make sure it has every chance of bringing in a good amount of sales. I was a big fan of the marketing, but does that mean there is a great game to go along with it?

Unlike pretty much all other Battlefield titles before it, there is actually a very comprehensive single player experience that isn’t just a warm up for the multiplayer portion of the game. You instead have a entertaining story where you are part of Bad Company which is a band of all the real washouts of the bunch who really shouldn’t be anywhere but prison. So instead they are at war and they do a pretty good job of making light of the situation as well. The story is told through some entertaining cut scenes and although not the most comprehensive of the bunch but its entertaining nonetheless.

If you read any of my reviews of past Battlefield titles whether on the PC or Consoles you would see that I have been calling for some sort of story for a single player experience since Battlefield 1942. And as I expected way back when, the story in this game helps to tie things together and also gives you something to enjoy outside of multiplayer. There are times where you just want to enjoy an experience on your own and that is why this single player experience is so appreciated. Granted this isn’t going to match a Call of Duty 4 single player experience but it does the job nonetheless.

But of course the real draw for any Battlefield game is going to be the online play and playing Bad Company on your PS3 is no slacker. Having played the beta for the online play on the Xbox 360 I had already spent a good deal of time with the game. However with that to the side Bad Company sports an extremely strong online experience with a good deal of content and options to delve into. However the real feature that puts this game on an elite level is the destructible environments.

The ability to destruct pretty much everything in the game is done better then I have ever seen before. You can literally punch through walls, and take out the opposition, and this element alone adds a lot to the experience. There are countless instances both online and offline where this becomes a big part of the experience and manages to help set this game above many of its competitors. Bad Company isn’t the best FPS on the market but its by far one of the best playing shooters on the PS3 so far this year.

Graphics: 8.0 We have seen a lot of games come out lately that seem to think a grainy appearance makes for a better looking game. I am here to tell you all that in my opinion it has to be done in moderation. Bad Company seems to look a bit to grainy for my tastes but luckily its not so overdone that it ruins the visual experience. The game is at its best when you are destructing the environments which I can’t tell you how great of job DICE did. Overall we have seen better looking games before but this game still makes a good showing nonetheless.

Fun Factor

What I like about Battlefield: Bad Company is that more then any other console outing in the series, this game makes into a full experience for both online and offline. The single player experience is strong enough that it will give you a great alternative to playing online and you will actually enjoy honing your skills. The online play is as strong as ever, and keeps the Battlefield online experience alive and well. They don’t do a lot to reinvent the wheel online but the great maps and unbelievable destructible environments make for a great experience.


Battlefield: Bad Company was a big question mark for me going in, I was interested to see what they were going to do with this game to make it able to compete in this very overcrowded FPS market, and they managed to really do so with Bad Company. This is really a game to check out if your a fan of the genre or series as it is by far the best Battlefield game to grace the consoles yet.

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