Blinx: The Time Sweeper


The story of Blinx is actually a pretty interesting one. You are a Timesweeper, and it’s your job of course to take out the trash. One day everything goes terribly wrong. The tom-tom gang comes and takes over a world. So Blinx decides he wants to go set things right and he takes it upon himself to help save the world. That is really the only time in the game that the story is really relevant. For the most part you just move on from level to level without anything else from the story. This is pretty disappointing considering the fact that platformers usually revolve around the story line.


The game plays pretty simple. You have ten minutes for each level, in which you will have to make it through the level, reach the goal, and defeat a certain number of enemies to pass the level. This is a great idea with a few flaws. It gets very boring!! You do the same thing every level, nothing changes and very little of it is actually fun.

Blinx is equipped with a vacuum in which is used to suck up anything that is really not bolted down to the grown. Blinx takes up whatever he can and then shoots it at his enemies. There is a 5-item limit to your vacuum, so you will have to always keep an eye on how many items you have in your inventory.

When I first heard about Blinx and the one thing everyone was looking forward to is the ability to stop, rewind and fast-forward through time. This is all possible with the use of the Xbox’s internal hard drive. To do this cool little feature you will need to collect time crystals. This little feature is really a pretty cool feature that works pretty well with the game. These are all useful periodically throughout the game, but really once you have used it once, it looses its flair, and as does the game’s overall fun.

One of the most annoying parts of Blinx is collecting the time crystals. To put it so everyone can understand this, you have to get certain crystals and get a certain amount of the same crystals to receive any of these features. To top all of that off, there are only a certain amount of crystals per level, so this can become one humungous headache.

Controlling Blinx could be pretty easy if it wasn’t for a few camera glitches, which can really hurt the game. The camera, a lot of time gets hung up in different places and really loses focus of Blinx and really can become annoying. This problem is not one that just comes and goes it happens quite a bit, and really hurts the game in the long run.

One of the nice things about Blinx is it has a different tune for each level. Some of these tones are great and others just aren’t very fun to listen to. There is really a good mix and a bad mix in the game but for the most part the tunes don’t have much impact on the game. The game does support 5.1 (this should be a set standard for all Xbox games) but this is one game if I had to choose a game that really didn’t need the support this would be it.


The one thing that Blinx does correctly is definitely its graphics. This has to be one of the best looking games on the Xbox to date. Blinx himself is extremely detailed and appears very nicely on the screen. The entire game is blessed with a perfect sharpness to it, which really gives all of us Xbox owners a feel of what all of are games should be looking for.

The landscapes are just plain luscious. Every level has its own unique appearance and are really excellent. The only problem with the game, especially in its later stages, are the slow-downs. This is not something that hurts the game juristically but it is kind of disappointing that there is this slow down, and this although this isn’t a huge deal it is noticeable.

Fun Factor

One of the biggest problems I had with Blinx was this game is way too difficult for a platformer. I really don’t find platformers that cause headaches to be much fun. If you recall the early days on the NES and SNES with the days of Marios you really new exactly what to do, and it wasn’t something that was going to take you hours upon hours to complete levels. Although on the more positive side this game is not one your going to fit in a few hours. This game will last you for quite some time.


Blinx really has some great ideas, and actually has another use for the Hard Drive besides just saving storage, and game add-ons. Blinx comes full with some great things and some really poor thing, and when the bad out weigh the good that creates poor results. As much as I love the new idea of being able to rewind, fast forward, and pause time, the execution of the game was really below average.

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